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MMORPG Addicting Online Games
Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games

MMORPG stands for massively mult-player online role playing games. Itís more than a video game Itís a living, breathing, three-dimensional virtual world. Hereís where you create a new version of yourself, and explore a compelling 3-D world filled with forests, cities, and thousands of other players. The settings for MMORPGs are as various as history itself. Some MMORPGs are set in a medieval world. Some are set in fantasy. There are other game environments like outer space, gritty contemporary cities, ancient Rome and cartoon land.
A hunter of shadows, himself a shade. ~Homer
What is a MMORPG?
The acronym MMORPG is pronounced "morgue." The MMORPG online role playing game is a separate universe with its own rules and its own language. Inside the game, your powers are astonishing. You can fly across the landscape, swim endlessly under water and shoot lightning bolts from your hands.

The granddaddy of all role playing games was Dungeons and Dragons, with its tales of valor and magic. D&D was played first as a board game and then as a text game on the earliest computers. Todayís games still contain heroic sagas and myths of dragons, demons, trolls, leprechauns, goblins and sorcerers, traitors, magic lamps, angry gods and giants, all the stuff of legends.

Role playing games are not only addictive. In MMORPGs, players find a sense of commitment, a purpose for life, achievement and happiness. The game is a place where you can put aside the troubles of the real world, the loneliness, the disappointments, the lack of opportunity. In the virtual world, players can take big risks without fear of failure, because they suffer no pain and, no matter how many ruffians kill them, theyíll always be reincarnated.
He who does not fill his world with phantoms remains alone. ~Antonio Porchia, Voces, 1943, trans by W.S. Merwin
How to Play an Online Role Playing Game MMORPG
To start the online game, you choose your role to play, a character, male or female. You could be a fighter, wizard, dwarf, halfling, merchant, healer or elf. Each character has unique abilities and handicaps. You customize its appearance, with webbed feet, floppy ears, tentacles or furry tail. You choose its hair color and facial features. And you decide on a name for your character. Then you choose its occupation, which comes with certain skills and limitations. You might be a guide, merchant, scout, thief, healer, miner, fighter, and so on, depending on the game. Your character starts out as a noobie, with a few skills, lots of limitations, no loot, no weapons, inexperienced and ignorant of the rules of the land.

In the online role playing game, you might be attacked at any time, because the game world is full of danger. You might be given a mission that calls for many bizarre tasks like fighting the Ant People or capturing the key to a treasure chest. You might be asked to slaughter evil creatures. You might be asked to solve a riddle. You might build yourself a mansion, piece by piece. You could buy raw materials and craft a product to sell. You might be awarded a title for your efforts, like Victor, Chancellor or Mighty One as recognition for your success.

Fellow players can pitch in and help you with a quest. You may join other players in a guild or a league who will lend a hand when you need it. You can chat and interact with other players. Many players say that the friendships they make inside the game are why they continue playing. You may become as close to your fellow players as your real family. All the time your skills and your power grow with each success.
Who Wins an Online Role Playing Game MMORPG
There are game characters like storekeepers, teachers and questors, who will trade or sell you loot. Teachers tell you pieces of the puzzle, and questors will send you on adventures. At the same time you have enemies, the dangerous, unpredictable creatures who guard treasure. You go out hunting for booty and experience. You might cast a spell, heal a friend, tame a monster or rob a corpse. The more experiences you survive, the higher your skill level and the more powerful your character becomes. You might form a guild or join in a group quest. No matter what game you play, if you put in the time, you will gain experience and be promoted. It is very gratifying to be recognized for your work, even by a piece of computer software.

You swing your sword. You fire your laser. You can kill someone without guilt. You explore the game world, chat in real time with fellow players, hunt for treasure, trade, negotiate, collect and do battle. You might save another player, you might steal, you might kill, but the game always rewards you and never judges you. Inside the game your character becomes smarter and stronger and more skillful over time. And once youíve advanced in the game world, you wonít be demoted. Inside the game there is no pain and you never grow old. Death is only temporary. Is it any wonder that online role-playing games, MMORPGs, are so popular?
Online Role Playing Game Software
Meantime, the game software keeps track of your location, your gear, your points, your skills, and the history of your accomplishments. Despite the fact that it costs millions to build a MMORPG, with its expensive software, breathtaking graphics and visionary story line, there are hundreds MMORPGs. Some of the popular online role-playing games are Anarchy Online, Lineage, EverQuest, Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Final Fantasy XI, Middle Earth Online, World of Warcraft, Second Life and Star Wars Galaxies. Most of them charge a small monthly fee to play.
Making Money from an Online Role-Playing Game Game
Online role-playing games are so popular that players can sell their virtual characters and goods for real currency in online auctions and merchant sites. After the money has exchanged hands through Paypal, the players go online to complete the transaction inside the game. Legally, no one is sure who actually owns the virtual loot and electronic images inside the game, the game creators or the players. But, every day, people are trying to make a living from the games by gathering and selling virtual loot for hard currency in the real world.
PK Online Role Playing Games
Some of the online role-playing games are PK games, where players kill players. These games focus on clan wars, gang rivalries, revenge, blood feuds and bounty hunting. In PK games, everyone is either an ally or an enemy. They feature anarchy and property destruction, gruesome ceremonies, and tribal wars for control of the land. The player who expects heroic battles and escapades in a PK world will also discover a world of vicious warfare, bullies, traitors, anger and hatred. The games simulate the emotional experiences of real war. Players get their thrills from hunting other human beings.
Online Role-Playing Games Are Addicting
Is the online role-playing game, MMORPG, addictive? Yes, for some people itís the electronic version of crack. Many players forget to eat and sleep in favor of the game. They play throughout the night, forget about their jobs, drop out of school, neglect their family, and go off the deep end. There are stories of addicted players who became psychotic in their real life. But these are the exception.

Many players find more satisfaction and engagement in their virtual life than in their real world.

I hope life brings you much success.
I wish you a very happy day.

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