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Your Best Diet Plan, Great Eating Tips for a Successful Diet

Did your New Year's Resolutions include a promise to lose weight? Don't just talk about it. Do it! You don't need a complicated fad diet or even a formal exercise plan. Here are great ideas for a successful diet that works. Small changes on the best diet plan can lead to big results. Dream about your ideal weight. Change your self-talk about weight. Be tough about your motivation. Look at these 20 easy eating tips for your best diet plan.

best diet plan dinner with salmon and greens and egg

20 Easy Eating Tips for Your Best Diet Plan

  1. Eat your evening meal in the kitchen or dining room, sitting down at the table. Donít eat in front of the television. Donít eat standing over the kitchen sink. Pay attention to your meal, its look and its flavors. You can do this pretty easily, canít you?

  2. Eat without doing any other activity. No reading, watching TV, or sitting at the computer.

  3. Donít eat any foods straight from the bag or jar. Prepare a bowl for yourself, so youíll notice how much youíre eating. And eat them one-by-one, instead of by the handful.

  4. Put a sign on the kitchen door and the refrigerator doors: "Closed after Dinner."

  5. Use smaller plates and smaller glasses. You will feel satisfied with less.

  6. Brush your teeth right after dinner to remind yourself: No more food.

  7. Start an eating diary. Keep it in the kitchen where you prepare your meals, and carry it with you when you go out. There is no need to be scrupulously exact when you record portion size, unless you want to be. Writing things down will make you mindful of what youíve eaten. And if you have overeaten, your diary will remind you.

  8. Plan your next snack ahead of time, so you donít eat impulsively. Remind yourself frequently that your next snack will be a fresh orange, or pretzels and cheese, or whatever youíve chosen. Also plan your meals ahead of time.

  9. If you drink juice, dilute it half and half with fresh water. Youíll grow to like the lighter taste, and youíll be cutting calories.

  10. Donít skip breakfast, no matter how rushed you are, or you will feel tired and crave foods later in the morning. In your breakfast, include a protein food like eggs, meat, beans, tofu, or a smoothie. Most people who crave food at night are those who skip meals or don't eat balanced meals during the day. Skipping breakfast is a major setup for overeating at night.

  11. Take a daily multivitamin, so you wonít have to worry about nutrients that may be missing from your diet plan.

  12. Add delicious foods and flavor to your meals. Treat yourself to unusual seafood or quality cuts of meat. Try new vegetables and new fruits. Use seasonings on your food. Experiment with foods on your diet that youíve never tried before. Have you eaten tofu, lentils, avocados, humus, pomegranates, or kumquats? Make eating a memorable adventure.

  13. One of the most important things to do is to get moving. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, take the long way around the mall, take a walk around the block. While these sound insignificant, they really can add up over time. Remind yourself every day: "I am a person who likes to move." Feeling motivated?

  14. Exercise at any level helps curb your appetite. After the workout your appetite will be less than usual.

  15. Change your nighttime schedule. It will take effort, but thereís a big pay off. You need something that will occupy your mind and hands. Perhaps thereís a hobby youíve always wanted to try. Perhaps youíd like to belong to a club or a team. Keep yourself engaged and involved.

  16. Drink lots of water. Keep your bottled water out in plain sight. Drinking too little can hamper your weight loss efforts. That's because dehydration can slow your metabolism by 3 percent, or about 45 fewer calories burned a day, which in a year could mean weighing 5 pounds more. The key to water isn't how much you drink, it's how frequently you drink it. Small amounts sipped often work better than 8 ounces gulped down at once.

  17. Learn ways to manage stress. Deep breathing, meditation, music and exercise will make you feel calm. And you also want to avoid your stress triggers. Researchers measured the blood pressure and heart rate of women who were in stressful situations. In this case, the women listened to 25 minutes of irregular noise from a jackhammer while trying to work an unsolvable maze puzzle. The women who reacted to this stress with higher blood pressure and heart rate also ate twice as many fatty snacks as calm women did, even after the stress stopped.

  18. Get a life. Build your life from scratch, if you have to. Find a fresh way of interacting with the world. Recreate the person who is you in some way, large or small. Seek out nurturing and support from others. Rework your attitudes and behaviors.

  19. Donít be discouraged if you mess up. All is not lost. Give yourself permission to be less than perfect. Your dream needs time for practice, process and progress. Look how hard a baby struggles to learn to walk. Building dreams can be a slow, uneven process. Be patient with yourself. Give yourself another chance to reach your dream.

  20. Acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments along the way. Every movement in the direction of your goal deserves a celebration. You will measure your success in pounds lost. And you will recognize the new habits youíve learned. You will also rejoice in your improved health. These are the stepping stones to your dream.

Have You Chosen a Diet Plan?

If youíre already following a diet plan, like Dr. Atkins, South Beach, the Zone or low calorie, these free suggestions will help much. If youíre on a novelty diet plan, like the cabbage soup, rice, grapefruit or cider vinegar diet, you should rethink your dieting strategy for something you can live with. Youíll get an extra incentive here.

Your Weight Loss Dream Plan

Hereís the best diet program dedicated to procrastinators, perfectionists, busy people, avoiders and people who would rather eat all day. Whatís your dream? Is it a small dream of losing four pounds? Or do you dream of losing enough weight to rock the planet off its axis? When you look in the mirror, do you admire what you see? Iíd like to ask you: Whatís your Dream?

Living oneís weight loss dream is a big deal. No matter that youíve given up on yourself before, and are trying again to bring your dream back to life. Weight loss dreams do come true and yours are very important. You know in your heart that you are willing and able to accomplish your dream. You are ready right now to begin living your dream. Imagine yourself as your dream comes true, slim, toned, energetic. Who will you be then?

Get Motivated for the Best Diet Plan

Whatís important about you and the way you live? How do you describe yourself ? Busy, procrastinator, perfectionist, avoider, lazy, unstructured, disorganized, unfocused or resistant? If thatís so, many of us are in the same boat with you. If we all pull on the oars together, if we row the boat away from complacency and negativity, we can move forward toward our dreams. Weíve got a few ideas to help illuminate your path to your dream. They are deeply practical ideas, effective and supportive. They are tried and true diet wisdom.

Dieting is a difficult assignment. It is hard to change the behaviors of a lifetime. Old habits are familiar and comfortable. We are fragile creatures, but our daily burdens are heavy. We are expected to speed through the day, multi-tasking, making everybody elseís dreams happen. Meanwhile, our dreams sit on the back burner, waiting to be recognized.

Micro-Steps Forward on Your Best Diet Plan

Our bad eating habits are actions that move us farther away from our dream of weight loss. Today, right now, we begin experimenting with small, micro-steps, that move us toward our dream. The micro-steps take just a few minutes or less, but they help you break lifetime eating habits. Much of what holds us back is our ordinary and familiar habits. Micro-steps are powerful helpers to realize your goal, because they create new habits. Besides eating directions, these diet tips also give you lifestyle changes and exercise strategies.

How Self-Talk Affects Your Best Diet Plan

Would you like to play a game? There are no rules to speak of in this game, no prizes and no competition. You could call it the game of self-hypnosis, although no one is going to put you into a trance and make you cluck like a chicken. The game is to repeat to yourself a message over and over until you truly hear it and make it your own. The message is simple: ďI am important.Ē Take a deep breath and repeat it after me, out loud. Louder! Louder! ďI am important.Ē Wow, doesnít that feel good? Donít forget the deep breath before you talk. Make the game part of everything you do today. This new message will push out the old, negative self-talk that wears you down. Donít beat up on yourself anymore. Just say it loud, proud and often: ďI am important.Ē

I can see you now, living your dreams, slim, energetic and positive. Because, after all, first, last and always, you are important.

I hope life brings you much success. I wish you a very happy day.
-----     The Life Coach  

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