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What Should You Study in College? Find the Best College Courses, Classes, Degree, Majors, Jobs, Career Fields

What Should You Study in College? Find the Best College Courses, Classes, Degree, Majors, Programs, Jobs, Career Fields

What Should You Study in College? Find the Best College Courses, Classes, Degree, Majors, Jobs, Career Fields
What Should You Study in College
What should you study in college? This one critical decision will get you started on the right path in life. It's all about finding the best college courses, the degree you want and the classes that the college requires. Take time to understand your career field, the job you want, and your personal skills interests. Some college students want to study the easiest courses. Others want to prepare for a career field that pays the most money. Other students choose to major in a field where there are lots of jobs. Some college course studies lead to degrees that allow you to serve your community, or reach for a higher good. You might be one of those students who chooses a college degree program and major studies for personal fulfillment. Here is an awesome list of 185 college majors and courses of study from A to Z. When you click on each college course program, you'll find classes to study, jobs available, careers to consider and the salary you are likely to earn. Use this page to find out more about college major courses of study.

A college major means a group of college courses in a specific area of study, that is, a college degree program or field of concentration. Here you will find 185 college majors to consider, the course work, classes in your major field, programs of study, and how each college major will influence your job choice and career after graduation.

college major
College Major
It's hard to decide on a college major when you are not sure what you want to do in life. College classes in your major field are designed with the knowledge and skills to prepare you for life, a job and a career. Ask yourself why you are going to college. Then click on the college major degree courses that reflects your general area of interest.

College preparatory courses in high school should give you the background and readiness for most college major programs. You usually don't have to declare your major field of study in your freshman year at college, unless the program you want is crowded. You may still be in the process of discovering your abilities, aptitudes and interests. If you don't have a clear preference, you may find that your first year of college studies and coursework will guide you in the choice of a major field.

Before you choose a college major and course of studies, think about what you want to do with your college degree. Ask yourself what you want from life. What aptitude and skills do you have? Perhaps you are interested in a professional career or a job with good pay. Maybe you want to help people. Would you like to work with numbers or in a lab or outdoors?

There is a wide selection of college major programs of study, but not every college offers all of them. Some colleges offer only highly specialized program of study, like music at Julliard, or courses in design at the Rhode Island School of Design. Here are some new ideas for college majors and related jobs and careers that may surprise you. This list will help you choose a college major, courses, classes and studies.
  1. college major
    Business College Studies

    college major
    Mathematics College Studies

    college major
    Pharmacy College Studies

    college major
    Physician Assistant
    College Studies
  2. Actuarial Science
  3. Advertising
  4. African-American Studies
  5. Agricultural Business
  6. Air Traffic Control
  7. American Sign Language
  8. American Studies
  9. American Literature
  10. Anatomy
  11. Ancient Studies
  12. Art
  13. Animal Science
  14. Anthropology
  15. Art History
  16. Astronomy
  17. Astrophysics
  18. Atmospheric Science
  19. Archeology
  20. Architecture
  21. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  22. Automotive Engineering
  23. Aviation
  24. Biology
  25. Biomedical Engineering
  26. Biomedical Science
  27. Biotechnology
  28. Botany
  29. Business
  30. Business Communications
  31. Chemical Engineering
  32. Chemical Physics
  33. Chemistry
  34. Child Care
  35. Child Development
  36. Chiropractic
  37. Church Music
  38. Cinematography
  39. Civil Engineering
  40. Classical Studies
  41. Communication Disorders
  42. Communications
  43. Computer Engineering
  44. Computer Graphics
  45. Computer Science
  46. Conservation
  47. Construction Management
  48. Counseling
  49. Crafts
  50. Creative Writing
  51. Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
  52. Criminal Science
  53. Criminology
  54. Cross Cultural Studies
  55. Culinary Arts
  56. Dance
  57. Dental Hygiene
  58. Dietetics
  59. Digital Communications and Multimedia
  60. Drawing
  61. Early Childhood Education
  62. Ecology
  63. Economics
  64. Education
  65. Education Administration
  66. Engineering
  67. English
  68. Entomology
  69. Environmental Design
  70. Environmental Engineering
  71. Environmental Science
  72. Epidemiology
  73. Ethnic Studies
  74. Fashion Design
  75. Fashion Merchandising
  76. Film
  77. Finance
  78. Food Science
  79. Foreign Languages
  80. Forensic Science
  81. Forestry
  82. Furniture Design
  83. Genetics
  84. Geography
  85. Geology
  86. Geophysics
  87. Gerontology
  88. Government
  89. Graphic Design
  90. Health Administration
  91. Historic Preservation
  92. History
  93. Home Economics
  94. Horticulture
  95. Hospitality Industry
  96. Human Development
  97. Human Resources Management
  98. Humanities or Liberal Arts
  99. Industrial Engineering
  100. Industrial Management
  101. Information Technology
  102. Interior Design
  103. International Relations
  104. International Studies
  105. Journalism
  106. Land Use Planning and Management
  107. Landscape Architecture
  108. Landscape Horticulture
  109. Library Science
  110. Linguistics
  111. Logistics Management
  112. Management
  113. Management Information Systems
  114. Marine Biology
  115. Marketing
  116. Massage Therapy
  117. Materials Science
  118. Mathematics
  119. Medical Technology
  120. Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  121. Merchandising and Buying Operations
  122. Metallurgical Engineering
  123. Microbiology
  124. Military Science
  125. Mineral Engineering
  126. Molecular Biology
  127. Mortuary Science
  128. Museum Studies
  129. Music
  130. Music Management
  131. Musical Theater
  132. Neuroscience
  133. Nuclear Engineering
  134. Nursing
  135. Nutrition
  136. Occupational Therapy
  137. Oceanography
  138. Operations Management
  139. Painting
  140. Paleontology
  141. Pathology
  142. Petroleum Engineering
  143. Pharmacology
  144. Philosophy
  145. Photography
  146. Photojournalism
  147. Physical Education
  148. Physical Therapy
  149. Physician Assistant
  150. Physics
  151. Political Science
  152. Pre-Dentistry
  153. Pre-Law
  154. Pre-Medicine
  155. Pre-Optometry
  156. Pre-Pharmacy
  157. Pre-Veterinary Medicine
  158. Psychology
  159. Public Administration
  160. Public Health
  161. Public Relations
  162. Radio and Television
  163. Radiologic Technology
  164. Real Estate
  165. Recording Arts Technology
  166. Religious Studies
  167. Social Work
  168. Sociology
  169. Sonography
  170. Special Education
  171. Speech Pathology
  172. Sports Management
  173. Statistics
  174. Surveying
  175. Technical Writing
  176. Theater
  177. Toxicology
  178. Urban Planning
  179. Visual Communication
  180. Voice
  181. Web Design
  182. Webmaster and Web Management
  183. Wildlife Management
  184. Women's Studies
  185. Zoology

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