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decorating a small room

Easy Decorating for a Small Room
Bring Space, Light and Serenity into a Small Rroom

Here are practical and inspirational ideas to guide you as you design and decorate a small room that will be a peaceful oasis. Living in a truly comfortable and harmonious environment will ease the tensions of work when you come home. It will release your soul and enhance your life. The goal when we decorate a small room is to :
  1. provide a convenient and practical furniture arrangement
  2. create calming effects with color and pattern
  3. display possessions that bring value to your life and remove those that add to the clutter
  4. connect to the natural world
  5. create a place of refuge and serenity in a chaotic world.
  6. unlease your creativity and find your personal sense of identity.

small living and dining room combination
Living and Dining Combo

Simple and easy decorating touches make remarkable changes. The secret is in the details, and can be achieved on any budget. Our goal is to create more space, to design for balance and order, to invoke color and light, to take pleasure in sounds, fragrances and textures. We connect to earth, sky and water no matter where you live. And lastly we draw on deeper meanings, joyful memories, talismans and unique symbols that speak to you. Whether you have a cottage home or a studio apartment, you can create a welcoming home. First and foremost to create the ideal space, we aim for simplicity in a room that is multi-functional, with balanced furniture groupings, natural materials and serenity.

20 Ways to Decorate a Small Room for Space, Light and Serenity

  1. decorating a small dining room
    Decorating a Dining Area
    To create calm in a room, introduce a treasure that has meaning for you. It could be a family antique that brings happy memories. Your might have one magic piece of artwork you find refreshing, a woven rug that delights you, or a vintage coffee table you found at a thrift shop. Don't settle for anything ordinary.

  2. Rearrange your furniture. If the sofa is on a long wall, pull it away to float in the center of the room, and group it with a couple of chairs. Or put the sofa along the window wall, where the sunlight will fall on your shoulders. You will see your furniture from a fresh perspective.

  3. Put the television on a movable stand so you can roll it into a closet to make room for company.

  4. decorating a small bedroom
    Decorating a Small Bedroom
    The universal principles of design are unity, proportion and balance. Pay attention to them as you make changes, and your room will "feel right."

  5. There are many furniture styles, like Biedermeier, French, Colonial, Primitives, Georgian English, Mid-Century Modern, Swedish and Contemporary. But you can also build a happy, serene small room around shabby chic, castoffs and found objects, too.

  6. The colors of serenity are neutrals, white, layers of grey, beige and quiet pastels. As you replace furniture over time, try to limit your color palette to one or two neutrals. Unified colors make the room feel larger. It's always easy to add a splash of color by introducing artwork, pillows, a throw rug, a slipcover, a painted feature wall, accessories and fresh flowers.

  7. Clutter and messes in a small room are stressful. They intrude on our serenity and disturb our peace of mind. Sort your clutter into three bins, one to keep, one to give away and one for the trash.

  8. Clean the room until it glows.

  9. small living room with sectional couch
    Sectional Couch
    Mirrors reflect light around the room, and make it appear larger. In the traditional practice of feng shui, mirrors are used to channel energies through the home. Even a small mirror makes a noticeable difference in a small room.

  10. In an unused corner of a small room, create a private nook for quiet moments. It takes only a comfortable chair, a soft throw, a small table and a reading lamp. Hang a small framed picture or mirror on the wall to complete the arrangement.

  11. Paint the walls in all your rooms the same color to give the impression of extra space. Unify your floor treatments, too, if you have that option.

  12. wall mural in a small living room
    Wall Mural in a Small Room
    Whether your budget calls for fine art or framed posters, what you hang on the walls changes the atmosphere of your room. Check out the art reproductions available at your local museum.

  13. If your room feels empty, add potted green plants to complete the space. Plants, like pets, provide a soothing presence in the home. Sansevieria and ivy will grow even in low light. Nothing says welcome home like a pet.

  14. To make a design statement, arrange bare branches in a contemporary vase. In late winter, you can also take cuttings of branches from flowering shrubs and "force" them to bloom indoors.

  15. Hang sheer curtains across a window to get the privacy you need. It looks like an expensive curtain when you wrap a piece of fabric from a curtain rod, and pin it on. Let it puddle on the floor or tie it back.

  16. decorating a small room with fireplace
    Decorating the Fireplace
    You are fortunate if you have a fireplace in the room. The mantel is the ideal place for a display. Decorate the mantel with things you find beautiful. Place a large picture against the wall, and rotate pictures whenever you need a change. Line up glass votive candle holders in various sizes and styles on the mantel. Gather up a collection of pottery, or small antiques, or model sailboats, or model cars, or family pictures, or candlesticks, or carved wooden ducks, or seashells. If you don't have a collection, use the mantel for pots of trailing ivy. Then fill the grate with beautiful birch logs.

  17. There are a number of design techniques to make your home more serene. Some of them are feng shui, vastu shastra, color therapy and aromatherapy. Change starts with simple actions that speak to your soul.

  18. decorating a small dining corner
    Decorating a Dining Corner
    Here are a few inexpensive items to display in your small room that are both useful and soothing:
    • a wooden bowl of handmade soaps in the bathroom
    • a shelf of books to read
    • a single potted orchid
    • a stack of matching pillows
    • framed black and white photographs
    • bamboo blinds at the window
    • a basket of sponges and white towels in the bathroom
    • a box of woodcarving tools
    • dinner dishes and placemats on the kitchen table
    • a natural fiber area rug in the entry hall
    • a pair of lawn chairs on the grass
    • a mound of polished river rocks or sea glass on a tray
    • pots of fresh herbs in the kitchen
    • a guitar beside your chair

  19. decorating small living room
    Small Living Room
    Put the ceiling lights on dimmer switches, so you can change the mood of the room.

  20. Use multi-purpose furniture in a small room. The writing desk can double as an entry table or a lamp table. The couch can include a pull-out bed. Even a large chair can convert into a guest bed. The home office can be contained in an armoire or a closet. Use a Murphy bed that can be pulled out from the wall of a small room. Add storage drawers under the bed.

I wish you much success in life. I hope you have a very happy day.

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