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Find Love With a Good Man
Relationship and Dating Advice for Women

What does a modern woman like you want from a man? She wants support, not competition. She wants encouragement. She wants to bask in the glow of his admiration. Itís the nature of who we are. A romantic relationship is not the Olympics of orgasms. Itís not mud wrestling for couples. Itís not a walk-on role in a two-bit movie. Finding love with a good man is the best part of life.

Find Love With a Good Man

We women feel the need for a true, loving relationship. It's just who we are. Donít give up on love. A good man for you to love could be just around the corner. Most animals find a mate by instinct. But not us humans. We want it all, looks, money, romance, and help with the housework. The instincts that could find us a mate are smothered by too much analysis, too many bad dates, too many breakups and too many expectations. Finding someone to love does not happen for everyone, but it can happen to anyone. And it can happen to you !!

Did your latest man stop calling because his wife found out about you? Are your cats providing your only emotional outlet for all the affection youíve got stored up? Don't rely on fate if you want a good man to love. First, get clear in your mind about what you want from a man. Next, get acquainted with your best self, which is to say, define yourself as a woman worth knowing. Then, locate the man you want. Draw him to you. Inspire him. Work your magic. Love him and live happily ever after.

To Find Love, First Get Acquainted With Yourself

You are a special woman, but youíve been keeping your light under a basket. Know yourself as the valuable person you are, with all you have to offer a man. Stop with the put-downs. Cease the self-criticism. Sell yourself on you. Start talking the good talk and walking the good walk. To find a man to love, you must do more than reading your horoscope every day and crossing your fingers.

Finding Love with the Wrong Man

Donít choose a man just because heís in your line of sight. Donít settle for the souse, the letch, the druggie, the player, the skunk. If heís got problems like that, heís not going to give you anything except heartbreak in return for your affection. Those men only know how to take, take, and take again. You canít cure him, no matter how hard you try. And it's not in him to love you.

When You Want to Find Love, Look for a Good Man

Let the universe know what kind of man you need. Maybe youíre looking for a good father for your future children. Maybe youíre looking for that 50-year-wedding-anniversary guy. Maybe youíre looking for the love of your life. What kind of man does it take to fill those dreams?

My friend Lily has a shopping list of things she wants in a guy. Height, age, job, his car, the label on his clothes, even the color of his eyes are written in stone on her list. She wonít consider anyone who doesnít measure up. It doesnít matter to her that these superficial qualities have nothing to do with a happy relationship. Youíd think she was casting a movie. And in a sense she is.

Which Man Will You Choose to Love?

My idea of a good man to love is someone with a heart of gold. A man to love means a man you canít bear to live without. Someone who makes you feel like a princess. Someone who will cross the ocean to help you out of trouble. The best man to love is a man who has character along with the kind of values you can build a life on. Heís going to be caring, trustworthy, dependable and affectionate. Heís going to be your partner, your helpmate, your one and only Prince Charming. When you run into a man who fits this description, donít let him get away.

You Find Love in all Shapes and Sizes.
What Kind of a Man Fits You?

  • Do you want a guy who takes over the room when he arrives? Someone whoís always ďon stage?Ē Are you happy being in a supporting role laughing at his jokes, or do you want the spotlight for yourself?
  • Would you be content to love a guy whoís always booked and has a wide circle of friends, who has no empty space in his day planner? Or would you rather sit home together with him most nights.
  • Your attitude about money is important when you find love. Would you feel better with someone who pinches pennies and saves for a rainy day? Or someone who enjoys life too much to be restricted by a budget?
  • Should the man you love be tough and fearless, street smart and world wise? Or should he be full of imagination, living in the world of ideas while you can deal with the real world.
  • Should he be calm and laid back, non-judgmental and accepting? Or would you prefer him to have high expectations for the both of you?
  • How good-looking should he be, and how caring? Is good romance your first priority, or do you keep it on the backburner most of the time?
  • Is it important that he likes your favorite music? That he shares your interests and hobbies?
  • Would your life be better with someone responsible and organized? Or would you feel fenced in?
  • Would you prefer to love a man who is impetuous and entertaining? Or on the opposite side of the coin, would you prefer someone predictable and hardworking.
  • Where do you want to live?
  • Do you want to love someone who is spiritual?
  • Can you love a man who already has children?
  • Can you love a man who is attentive and caring?
  • Do you want to love a man who will be a devoted father to your children?
Now youíre getting the ideas for a relationship shopping list thatís going to fill your deepest need to find love with a good man. Donít waste time chasing the wrong trolley. Mr. Right is heading down the track and right into your life.

I hope life brings you much success.
I wish you a very happy day. Love, ~ Cyndi

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