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get a free domain name dot com url for a new website

Free Domain Names. Get a Free URL for Your New Website

Find a Free Domain Name
Why buy a domain name for your new website when you can get a free domain name, the best kind, with a dot com URL. Just follow our strategy. You may have heard that domain names for websites are getting scarce. The great California Gold Rush of the old days can't hold a candle to the domain name land rush we're seeing on the Internet. They say the Internet is running out of URLs with the popular dot com extension. Folks are complaining about the shortage of domain names, especially in the U.S., where every Tom, Dick and Harry has a web site selling nutritional supplements and get-rich-quick Ponzi schemes.

Don't get left behind in the dust. There are still viable, useful, even glorious, domain names available for free. Enough for every able-bodied man, woman and child who ever dreamed of becoming an Internet entrepreneur.

We Set Out to Search for Free Domain Names

To prove the point, we set out to find these free domain names. Not just a few names, but truckloads. And here they are! We're sending all our ideas for dot com URLs out into the universe. All of these domain names are available for free at the time of publication, except where indicated otherwise.Take what you want, come back for more. Heck, we've got a million more free domain names to share with you.

For ease of reading, we've written the components of the domain name with spaces between the words, like Bigger Is Better Dot Com, instead of the myopic You already know that spaces aren't allowed in domain names. And you probably know that domain names can only have at most 50 letters and numbers and dashes, not counting the dot com or the dot net or whatever. Also, your domain name can have no special characters and no spaces. The extensions dot net, dot org, dot info, dot biz and dot us are under-used. But for some reason everyone still wants dot com.

If you can't find a free domain name here that suits you, there are more where these came from. Also check out the bustling resale market for domain names, if you don't mind a URL that's slightly used. The cybersquatters, who grabbed up lots of domain names, are selling them for good money. But us, we're giving them away for free! Of course, we just find them, we don't register them. The online Registrar you use will charge a little something to register your domain.

How to Find a Free Internet Domain Name

The problem with top-level domain names, e.g.,, is that they have disappeared. Try a domain name lookup for any meaningful 4-, 5-, or 6-letter word. You'll probably draw a blank. You'll have better luck if you try two-word combinations to get a URL that characterize your business.

Lots more good free domain names are available if you want to put a hyphen between the words. For example, Designing Designers Dot Com isn't available, but Designing - Designers Dot Com is. Seems the hyphen is not very popular among Internet startups. Can't blame 'em. The hyphen is losing favor everywhere. The Oxford Dictionary just decided to remove the hyphen from thousands of words, so they're easier to spell. Language evolves, too.

Search Strategy for Free Domain Names

Extensions for Domain Names
Our first strategy to get free domain names is to add a suffix to your favorite product or service. This idea has numerous applications. Here are a couple of suffixes that will give you a good ride. Forever and Mogul and Center and Online. But I don't recommend Online as a suffix, because it's been pretty well exhausted.
  • Underwear Forever Dot Com
  • Computers Forever Dot Com
  • Male Enhancements Forever Dot Com
  • Fruitcakes Forever Dot Com
  • Weddings Forever Dot Com — Sorry, this one is in use.
Prefixes added to the beginning of your product or service will also be useful. I like Who Doesnt Love, and Smell The ... as in the following URLs.
  • Who Doesnt Love Candy Dot Com
  • Who Doesnt Love Movies Dot Com
  • Who Doesnt Love Clowns Dot Com
  • Who Doesnt Love MLM Dot Com — Multi Level Marketing.
  • Who Doesnt Love Weddings Dot Com — Nope, it's already taken.
  • Smell The Perfume Dot Com
  • Smell The Baked Goods Dot Com
  • Smell The Lubricating Oil Dot Com
  • Smell The Chitterlings Dot Com
  • Smell The Roses Dot Com — It's already taken.

More Free Domain Name Search Strategies

I especially like the word Mogul in a domain name. It calls to mind successful operators like Genghis Khan and Donald Trump. Oh, wait. Genghis Khan was a Mongol, not a Mogul. But you get the idea. There are lots of Mogul type free domain names waiting for a good home. Can you build a new website around these free URLs?
  • Jewelry Mogul Dot Com
  • Computer Mogul Dot Com
  • Wedding Mogul Dot Com — Sorry, already taken, too. However, you'll be happy to know that Wedding Mongol Dot Com is unclaimed.
If Mogul doesn't quite capture your brand identity, how about these :
  • Auto Rubes Dot Com
  • Auto Jerks Dot com
  • Baseball Bozos Dot Com — It is open, wide open.
  • Mortgage Bozo Dot Com — Available, even in the crowded Internet mortgage arena.
  • Wedding Bozos Dot Com — Still unclaimed, aha!
While brainstorming for more and better, free, unclaimed and available domain names, I came up with these.
  • Eye On Power Tools Dot Com
  • Power Tools For Everyone Dot Com
  • Power Tools At Last Dot Com
  • One Handed Power Tools Dot Com
  • Power Tools That Work Dot Com
  • I also considered Worlds Best Power Tools Dot Com, but the lawyers say that it might open a can of worms, legally speaking. Too much hyperbole, even for the Internet.
Don't overlook numbers, like 411, 1-800, or 911 when you consider a free domain name.
  • Lumber 411 Dot Com
  • Home Remodeling 411 Dot Com
  • 1 800 Foreign Brides Dot Com
  • Power Tools 911 Dot Com
How about Nattering Nabobs Of Negativity Dot Com for a political analysis site, or a Spiro Agnew tribute site? Use a prefix like Time For, Wanna, or Weve Got or N Such. Nothing But is a great prefix when you search for your free domain name, particularly when you're selling a specialty product.
  • Web N Such Dot Com
  • Tech N Such Dot Com
  • Cruises You Want Dot Com
  • Yankee Money Dot Com — Too good to last.
  • Weve Got Lots Of Money Dot Com
  • Wanna Wear Fashion Dot Com
  • Wanna Have Surgery Dot Com
  • Wanna Use Matches Dot Com
  • Wanna Play House Dot Com
  • Nothing But Lingerie Dot Com
  • Nothing But Napalm Dot Com — It's available.

The Never-Ending List of Free Domain Names for Your Web Site

Free Domain Names
The phrase Is Us or Are Us makes a great addition to your store website domain URL.
  • Product Recalls R Us Dot Com
  • Lemons R Us Dot Com
  • Spam Is Us Dot Com
  • Porn Is Us Dot Com — Is taken.
  • Weddings R Us Dot Com — No, it's not! Don't even ask!
The word wiz has always been popular, ever since Dorothy met the Wizard of Oz. So use it in your free domain name URL like this:
  • Forensics Wiz Dot Com
  • Hydraulics Wiz Dot Com
  • Wedding Wiz Dot Com — Oops, sorry, it's already been claimed.
You will never run out of free domain names for your new website when you include a first name, like Joe, Henry, Sam, and so on.
  • Joes Fences Dot Com.
  • Paulettes Pizza Dot Com. And if your name isn't Paulette, don't let that stop you. Betty Crocker wasn't General Mills' real name, but he used it anyway, with some success. And, by the way, General Mills wasn't really a general. In fact, he wasn't even a person. So launch Paulette's Pizza proudly on the Internet. And make mine pepperoni, please.
Preface your favorite product with Getta or Gotta as in these free domain names. Both are unclaimed, and for the life of me, I don't know why!
  • Getta Nose Job Dot Com
  • Gotta Get Married Dot Com

The Geography of Free Domain Names

How about using a location, either a real location or a virtual location like Corner, Group, Garage or Bar to find your free domain name? Places like Central or Center will work, too. Use an actual location or a made-up location, vis à vis:
  • Electric Corner Dot Com
  • Plumbing Corner Dot Com
  • Technology Inferno Dot Com
  • Wedding Corner Dot Com is taken
  • Wedding Go To Dot Com — Available, halleluia!
  • Wedding Tune Up Dot Com — Also available, mirabile dictu!

A Plethora of Free Domain Names

Most professions and services have grabbed up their On Call Dot Com domain names, but a few are still waiting for you:
  • Janitors On Call Dot Com
  • Workers On Call Dot Com
  • Printers On Call Dot Com
  • Party Planner On Call Dot Com — Where are all the party planners on this one?
  • Painter On Call Dot Com
  • Roofer On Call Dot Com
  • Cleaner On Call Dot Com
  • Housecleaning On Call Dot Com
  • Home Repairs On Call Dot Com
  • Heating On Call Dot Com
  • Mathematician On Call Dot Com — For emergency calculus problems.
  • Astronomer On Call Dot Com — Mostly at night I imagine.
  • Politician On Call Dot Com — Not much demand for it, I don't wonder.
  • Gynecologist On Call Dot Com
  • Surgeon On Call Dot Com is taken, as are Doctor On Call Dot Com, Lawyer On Call Dot Com, Lender On Call Dot Com and Chiropractor On Call Dot Com.
  • Weddings On Call Dot Com — Is NOT available...why are we surprised?
  • Fish On Call Dot Com — IS available. So, change your business plan.
I really like the free domain names that start with Lots Of as in these choices. And I threw in a couple more ideas using Mega and All My for good measure.
  • Lots of Christmas Spirit Dot Com
  • Lots Of Pipes Dot Com
  • Lots Of Parties Dot Com
  • Lots Of Lenses Dot Com
  • Lots Of Uniforms Dot Com
  • Lots Of Tea Dot Com
  • Mega Brawn Dot Com
  • Mega Facility Dot Com
  • Mega Meters Dot Com
  • All My Bikes Dot Com
  • All My Weddings Dot Com — Yes, yes, yes, still free and available!

Free Domain Names and URLs for Download Websites

You won't believe how many sites on the Internet offer downloads. Nevertheless, I found a few unused free domain names still available in this category.
  • Download Doorway Dot Com
  • Download Denizen Dot Com
  • Download Drek Dot Com — Still waiting for the right buyer.
  • Download Drivel Dot Com — It'll never happen.
  • Download District Dot Com
  • Download Bum Dot Com
  • Digging For Downloads Dot Com
  • Download Davey Dot Com — Lots of proper names for the taking.
Try adding a suffix like arama or zilla, to give a short word more weight.
  • Lingerie Arama Dot Com
  • Fruitcake Zilla Dot Com

Free Domain Names for Your Community Web Site

You know My Space Dot Com is taken, don't you? But, if you are planning a social community 2.0 website, let me suggest for your consideration:
  • Space Of Spaces Dot Com
  • Make Space For Me Dot Com
  • Wild And Wooly Spaces Dot Com — It's gotta be good for something.
  • Million Markets Dot Com — Yikes, sign it up fast!
  • Simply Spaces Dot Com is NOT fact Simply is simply used up for everything I tried.
Add a meaningless couple of letters to the word you want, and see how it sounds. You can add Op to anything. I don't know what it means, but it's easy to spell.
  • My Space Op Dot Com
  • Trucker Op Dot Com
  • Dating Op Dot Com
  • Wedding Op Dot Com — Yes, still available.

Creative Free Domain Names for Big Value

Widen your horizons when you brainstrom a free domain name. Make up a meaningless word, or choose something from a foreign language. Nothing is stopping you from using a line of poetry as your domain name, or a famous bit of literature from times past, as long as the copyright has expired. Name your site for a historical figure, or use your company slogan as a domain name.

There's a site called Zimbra Dot Com, named after a nonsensical Talking Heads song. Yahoo paid $350 million for it (9/2007). There's also the messaging site Jaiku Dot Com, which was named because the posts on Jaiku resemble Japanese haiku. Haiku, Jaiku. Google bought it (10/2007), for undisclosed megabucks. Your web site can be worth just as much.
  • The Pause That Refreshes Dot Com — The slackers at Coke overlooked this gem.
  • Pause That Refreshes Dot Com — Also an oversight.
  • The Boy Stood On The Burning Deck Dot Com
  • By The Shores Of Gitche Gumee Dot Com — Remember your Longfellow?
  • As Lovely As A Tree Dot Com — Might be going out on a limb with this one.

What Domain Name Have You Decided On?

We've learned a lesson today, to wit: If you're thinking about an Internet wedding site, domain names are as scarce as hens' teeth. For the rest of us, there are still excellent, free domain names waiting for a good home page.

I've given you a million dollars worth of ideas here. But the cybersquatters are drooling even as we speak. Pick your favorite domain name. And then run, don't walk, to your nearest online Registrar. These are going like hotcakes.

P.S. These Are Going Like Hotcakes Dot Com is still available.

I hope life brings you much success.
I hope you have a very happy day.

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