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Save Cash with Free Shopping Coupons
Internet Coupons, Codes, Printable Coupons
Where to Find Shopping Coupons and Save the Most

Free shopping coupons were first used in 1894 when Asa Chandler, the druggist who bought the formula for Coke-Cola, decided to promote his new fountain drink by giving out handwritten tickets for a free glass of Coke. As Americans became more cost conscious during the 1930s Depression, coupons became important. Supermarkets and retailers use free coupons to build customer loyalty, to introduce a new product and to move unnoticed brands. Coupons bring customers in the door, and stores rely on them.
  1. How to Find Free Shopping Coupons
  2. Internet Search for Free Shopping Coupons
  3. Organizing Free Shopping Coupons
  4. Redeeming Free Shopping Coupons for Savings
  5. Save with Free Shopping Coupons
  6. Tips for Shopping with Free Coupons

1. How to Find Free Shopping Coupons

Free Coupon Shopper
You can find free shopping coupons just about anywhere. They are in the Sunday paper, in advertising flyers delivered door-to-door, and in your mailbox. You’ll find coupons called peelies attached to the outside of the product. And sometimes coupons are inserted inside the product. The ads in magazines often include clip-out coupons.

Free shopping coupons are issued by the retail store as well as the product manufacturer. The food demonstrator in the store gives away lots of free coupons along with free samples. There are coupons printed o the back of your grocery receipt. Many stores offer a discount for shoppers who join the store rewards program. There are online forums where coupons and information are available. The television news show in my town has a segment that features shopping tips and Internet coupons. Online there are innumerable printable coupons available for you to print out and redeem them. There are also promotion codes for you to use when you shop online. If a coupon code is provided, you should enter the coupon code during the checkout in the space provided. The store will subtract the coupon savings from your final cost.

More than 80% of all manufacturers’ free shopping coupons issued in the U.S. are delivered with advertising inserts in the Sunday paper. You’ll be surprised at the variety of coupon offers. If there are good coupons in the Sunday paper, you can buy extra copies of the paper. A group of friends or coworkers can work together collecting coupons and exchanging them with each other.

2. Internet Search for Free Shopping Coupons

Coupon Savings
Free online coupons save you money without the effort of clipping and collecting coupons. Before you go shopping, either in the neighborhood store or on the website, search the Internet for coupons. You’ll be surprised at the savings opportunities when you search for “free Macys coupons” or “free Staples coupons” or “free Kroger coupons” and so on. You can also search for manufacturers’ coupons online before you shop. Try “Hewlett Packard coupons” or “Del Monte coupons.” You can also search for coupons by product, as “baby crib coupon,” or “digital camera coupon.”

3. Organizing Free Shopping Coupons

Once you start saving money with free shopping coupons, you’ll want to organize your coupons. Shoppers often use a plastic coupon organizer set up in the same order as their grocery store floor plan. Some people use a ring binder filled with baseball card inserts. Some shoppers make a price book with the regular prices of items they need and use.

4. Redeeming Free Shopping Coupons for Savings

Coupon Clipping
Manufacturers will redeem only one coupon on each item purchased. But you save even more if you can combine a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon for an item that is also on sale. This is called stacking a coupon. When stores promote double-coupon days, you can get twice the value for coupons you use. At the checkout, it’s exciting to pay only a few dollars for a shopping cart full of groceries.

Shoppers who frequently use coupons are referred to as couponers. Couponers are more likely to try new brands and visit new stores if they can use a coupon. They buy in bulk to save more, freezing or storing the items for use later. Couponers love rain checks. Rain checks are an IOU issued by the store when it runs out of an advertised sale item. Rain checks give you the right to purchase the item at the sale price at a later time. They are best used when you also have a free shopping coupon on the item for even more savings. Shop on the last night of the sale when the store is most likely to be issuing rain checks. Couponers buy sale items and then store the extras for future use. Matched with a shopping coupon, many of these sale items are free to the couponer. You can stock up on school supplies in September, when there are many sales, and keep them for use later in the school year.

5. Save with Free Shopping Coupons

Just how much can you save using free shopping coupons? On Internet blogs and forums, couponers report that they save quite a bit on their grocery bills. One couponer tracked her checkout receipts for just one year at just one store, and reported savings of $1200. She definitely thinks the time involved is worth the savings. “Why would people not do this?” she asks. “They are throwing away their money. With savings like that I can splurge on something I’ve always wanted. It gets to be a game I play just to see how low priced I can buy my favorite items.”

6. Tips for Shopping with Free Coupons

  • Make a plan for using your free shopping coupons
  • Be prepared to try different brands.
  • Use multiple shopping coupons on the same item
  • Don’t throw away circulars. Clip and file the shopping coupons.
  • Don’t use coupons too soon; wait for the best deal.
  • No matter how good the shopping coupon deal is, don’t buy something unnecessary, useless or unsuitable for your family.

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