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Free Ringtones for Your Cell Phone
Easy Ways to get Free Ringtones

Free ringtones and almost-free ringtones are in great demand. You can get unlimited cool, popular ringtones, pop, rap, rock, tv show themes, favorites and hit tunes. Ringtones are a way of personalizing your phone, so you stand out in a mass-produced world. Before ringtones were available, it was hard to tell whose phone was chirping. You can also use a unique ringtone, called a caller tone, to identify calls from each of your friends, without even looking at your phone. Ringtones are an inexpensive, and sometimes free, way to brand your phone. Your ringtone identifies you and tells the world what you are interested in. New phones can be customized with video games, personalized wallpaper, custom faceplates and, of course, personal ringtones.
  1. Free Ringtone Downloads
  2. Cool and Popular New Ringtones
  3. What Is a Ringtone?
  4. Seven Ways to Get Free Ringtones for Your Cell Phone
  5. Use Your CellPhone to Get New Ringtones
  6. Purchase New Ringtones Online
  7. Get Free Ringtones by Downloading Them to Your Computer
  8. Make New, Free Ringtones From Music You Own
  9. Type Free Music Ringtones on the Keypad of your CellPhone
  10. Use an SMS Gateway to Send a New Ringtone to Your Cell Phone
  11. Some Cell Phones Record New Ringtones
  12. Terms of Service for Free Online Ringtones
  13. How to Cancel a Subscription Service for Free Online Ringtones
  14. Disputed Charges on Your Cell Phone Bill from a Free Online Ringtone Service
  15. The Largest Cellphone Carrier Companies
  16. Ringtone Topics, Cellphones and Carriers
  17. Free Cellphone Ringtones Brand by Brand
  18. Free Ringtones by Cellphone Carrier

get free ringtonesFree Ringtone Downloads

Most ringtones offered as downloads are not free. The charge for the use of the ringtone must cover operating costs, advertising expenses and the royalties paid to the artist. However, some sites do provide ringtones for free. These free ringtones are older songs with expired copyrights. After the copyright expires, the music enters the public domain and is free for anyone to use. Classical music is a good source of free ringtones. You can find free ringtones when you search for free ringtones, ring tones, ringers, free ring tones, free download ringtones, and mobile ringtones

Have you found an offer for free ringtones online? The online ringtone market is huge. There are thousands of websites on the internet that advertise free ring tones. Be aware that often you get the free ringtones only after you agree to pay the monthly subscription. Is that what you expected? Carriers sometimes cripple their cell phones to block free ringtone downloads. Check your instruction manual to find out what your phone can do.

get free ringtonesCool and Popular New Ringtones

For your new ringtone you might like to hear something from the Top 20, classical music, favorite movie music, advertising jingles, TV theme songs or special effects. It's always fun to change your ringtone with the seasons and holidays. All of the popular songs artists are available as new ringtones, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, 50 Cent, Britney Spears, Pearl Jam, Pink, Prodigy, Zombies and Madonna.

Funny ringtones with special effects are always popular. Your ringtone may be animal sounds, aliens, drunk people, or a random joke, anything that amuses you and your friends. One of the best selling ringtones for the iPhone is called the iFart; it plays flatulence sounds when someone calls. The Teen Buzz is a high-pitched mosquito ringtone popular with students. It is said that adults cannot hear the high-pitched sound, so the phone could be used on the sly in school.

get free ringtonesWhat Is a Ringtone?

A ringtone is simply a computer program stored on a memory chip. Your cell phone comes with the complete range of notes built into its memory. The ringtone code tells the microprocessor in the phone how to use frequencies to make the speaker vibrate when a call comes in.

Older ringtone music was in monotone format, which means that one note at a time is played. Second generation phones play polyphonic ringtones, which means that the phone can play more than one note at a time for richer harmony. The newest phones play truetones, ringtones coded in a standard audio format, like MP3, AAC or WMA. MP3 is the same format used by your music player. Truetones are also called MP3, realtones or mastertones.

Monophonic and polyphonic ringtones had several disadvantages. The ringtone code had to be published for each of the phone models, because the models used different code. Every polyphonic ringtone you find must have the code for your type of phone. And if you buy a new phone, you may not be able to use the ringtones from your old phone.

Truetones do not have the disadvantages of polyphonic ringtones. Truetones are standardized, easier to sell and easier to distribute. Truetone ringtones of a song often outsell the artist's CD.

get free ringtonesSeven Ways to Get Free Ringtones for Your Cell Phone

There are many good ways to get new ringtones. If your cell phone has Internet access, you can buy ringtones via your phone screen. Using your computer or Internet access from your phone, you can buy a ringtone online, and have it sent directly to your phone. Another way is to download ringtones from the Internet to your computer and then transfer them to your phone. Another way is to make free ringtones from music CDs you already own, using your computer. And did you know you can type the ringtone directly into your phone, using its keypad and Composer mode? You can also use an online site called an SMS gateway to send your own ringtone to your phone. Finally, some phones can record ringtones directly from music played nearby.

get free ringtonesUse Your CellPhone to Get New Ringtones

If your cell phone has Internet access, you can buy ringtones via the phone screen. This is by far the easiest way to get new ringtones. The ringtones you buy are downloaded via WAP, the Wireless Application Protocol used by cell phones to access the Internet. To get started, you use your phone menu to select your Content section and the menu option to "get new ringers" Your service carrier provides a selection of ringtones for easy purchase. Browse through the music categories, or search by artist, to find your favorites. The price appears right on your screen along with a Buy Button. The ringtone downloads instantly to your cell phone.

get free ringtonesPurchase New Ringtones Online

The most common method for transferring ringtones over the airwaves is to visit a ringtone Web site to pick out a tone. At the same site, enter your phone number so that the site administrators send the message to your phone over the airwaves directly. The charge for the ringtone will appear on your phone bill. The ringtone comes to your phone as an SMS (Short Message Service) text file. This is the most widely used method to get ringtones.

get free ringtonesGet Free Ringtones by Downloading Them to Your Computer

You can download free ringtones directly from the Internet to your computer. Then load the ringtone program from the computer into your phone via a data cable. Some phones can use wireless infrared or Bluetooth or USB cable to connect to your computer. This allows free ringtone download from a computer to a cell phone. If you have the right phone and computer software, this option is very simple, once you have everything set up. The instruction manual for your cellphone will help with this.

get free ringtonesMake New, Free Ringtones From Music You Own

Make new, free ringtones from music CDs you already own. Using your personal computer allows you to make ringtones from any music CDs, as many free ringtones as you wish. It is perfectly legal to do this, as long as you do not sell or trade the music.

To start off, connect your cell phone to your computer. Rip a music file from any CD. Then edit it into a ringtone. To edit your own music file into a ringtone, you have several options. You can upload the file to an online editing service. Or you can download free software to edit your music file on your own computer.

If you want to use a software program for your computer to help you edit your music into a free ringtone, look into BitPim or Audacity. BitPim is an example of free, open-source software to make ringtones and send them to your phone. Audacity for Windows/PC or Mac is also a free, open-source digital audio editor with all the features of an expensive professional program. When you use Audacity, also download the LAME MP3 encoder if you want your ringtones in MP3 format. Both programs are easy to learn.

get free ringtonesType Free Music Ringtones on the Keypad of your CellPhone

Did you know you can type free ringtone directly into your phone using the keypad? Cell phones that have a melody composer let you type in new ringtones directly. The easiest way to use this feature is to find the appropriate "keypress sequence" for a tune on the Internet. This sequence will tell you which buttons to press on your phone, in composer mode, to enter the ringtone you want. The keypress sequence you use for the ringtone depends on your phone model. You can find lots of ringtone sequences online for most phone models. Your instruction manual will have helpful details about using the melody composer.

get free ringtonesUse an SMS Gateway to Send a New Ringtone to Your Cell Phone

As an alternative ringtone source, an SMS gateway website makes it possible for you to send a specific message to your phone from the gateway. This method requires that you find the code for the ringtone in the appropriate format for your phone (Nokia binary format, for example). Then you send the code through the gateway website to your phone as a smart message. Your phone knows that this "smart messages" is a ringtone to be saved in memory.

get free ringtonesSome Cell Phones Record New Ringtones

This final method for getting new free ringtones is the easiest of all. Some new phones can make ringtones for you. They let you record songs and voice messages directly for ringtones. This valuable feature bypasses a lot of hassle.

get free ringtonesTerms of Service for Free Online Ringtones

Many people subscribe to an online ringtone service to get new ringtones. When you enter your cell phone number, you are buying a subscription. You are authorizing the service to bill the monthly charge, usually $9.99 a month, to your cell phone carrier, like Sprint, T-Mobile or AT&T, or whichever carrier you use. One drawback of many ringtone services is that you must buy a subscription before you can look at the inventory of ringtones.

Before you enter your cell phone number, read the terms of service. The terms of service are usually stated on the signup page. Notice that the monthly fee varies depending on which cell phone carrier you use. By signing up, you are also saying that you are 18 or older and thus able to enter into this contract. The terms of service constitute a legal contract. Read them carefully. Pay attention to the instructions for how to cancel the service. To cancel, you usually must send a text message with the word "Stop" to a special phone number. Most plans allow you to quit anytime, but they do not refund any amounts already billed.

After you register, an online ringtone service will send a pin ID to the phone number you entered. This precaution ensures that the phone number is actually yours. You should enter the pin number on the web page to complete your signup.

get free ringtonesHow to Cancel a Subscription Service for Free Online Ringtones

If you sign up for a ringtone service, you must "unsubscribe" to that service or the downloads will continue to be delivered. This is true even though you didn't actually download any ringtones. It is not enough to block Internet access on your cell phone. To stop the downloads and the monthly charges, you must cancel the service. Directions to cancel should be on the web site. They usually say that you can unsubscribe right from your cell phone by texting STOP to the company.

If you want to use Internet access on your cell phone to receive ringtones, screensavers and other large data files, the data transfer to your phone could be expensive. To keep fees low, you should have a cell phone plan with a flat monthly charge. Read your contract terms and conditions very carefully before you sign.

get free ringtonesDisputed Charges on Your Cell Phone Bill from a Free Online Ringtone Service

The fees for a ringtone subscription are called third-party charges. They are included with your cell phone bill. To cancel unwanted third-party charges, you can notify your cell phone company. You should also notify the ringtone service of your cancellation. If you dispute any charges, it's best to do so in writing. You'll be glad to know that your phone cannot be disconnected or suspended if you refuse to pay the third-party charges. Your cell phone company will often be very helpful in resolving your complaint about third-party fees. Cell phone carriers are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, the FCC. If you cannot resolve the unauthorized charges on your bill, you should file a complaint with the FCC.

get free ringtonesThe Largest Cellphone Carrier Companies

Here are the largest cellphone carrier companies: AT&T, Cellular One, Cingular, Edge, Metro, PCS, Nextel, Rogers, Sprint, Suncom, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon, Bell, Telus, Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Orange, O2, Virgin Mobile.

get free ringtonesRingtone Topics, Cellphones and Carriers

Ringtone topics include Real Tone, Ringtones, Ringtone Download, Caller Tone, Real Ringtone ringtone Converter, Ring Tones, MP3 Ringtones, SMS Ringtones, Music Ringtones, Mobile Ringtones, Cellphone Ringtones, Ringtone Downloads. Funny Ringtones, Rap Ringtones, Ring Tone, Truetone, True Tone.

get free ringtonesFree Cellphone Ringtones Brand by Brand

Free Ringtones for Your Cell Phone, Brand by Brand
Alcatel-Lucent Cell Phones
Apple Cell Phones
ASUS Cell Phones
AT&T Cell Phones
Audiovox Cell Phones
Casio Cell Phones
E-TEN Cell Phones
HP Cell Phones
HTC Cell Phones
Jitterbug Cell Phones
Kyocera Cell Phones
LG Cell Phones
Motorola Cell Phones
Nokia Cell Phones
Option Cell Phones
Palm Cell Phones
Panasonic Cell Phones
Pantech Cell Phones
Pharos Cell Phones
RIM Cell Phones
Samsung Cell Phones
Sanyo Cell Phones
Siemens Cell Phones
Sony Ericsson Cell Phones
Sprint Nextel Cell Phones
T-Mobile Cell Phones
Trium Cell Phones
Uniden Cell Phones
Virgin Interactive Cell Phones
Wherify Wireless Cell Phones
ZyXEL Cell Phones

get free ringtonesFree Ringtones by Cellphone Carrier

Free Ringtones for Your Cell Phone by Carrier
Free AT&T ringtones
Free Alltel Ringtones. Alltel is now part of Verizon Wireless
Free Boost Mobile Ringtones
Free Cricket Ringtones
Free Metro PCS Ringtones
Free Net10 Ringtones
Free Nextel Ringtones
Free Sprint Ringtones
Free STI Mobile ringtones
Free T-Mobile Ringtones
Free Tracfone Ringtones
Free US Cellular Ringtones
Free Verizon Wireless Ringtones
Free Virgin Mobile Ringtones

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