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learn how to play golf

Learn How to Play Golf
Easy Golfing Tips for Your Golf Game

You should learn how to play golf. A game of golf is a terrific way to exercise and get outdoors. When you play golf, you learn how to focus your attention and to develop your skill. Golf is the unofficial sport of the business world, and is practically a required skill to succeed in a corporation.

The game of golf was invented centuries ago in Scotland or England, and quickly became popular. As far back as 1245 AD, King George of England complained that his subjects were spending too much time on the golf course. In recent years, television has made golf a popular game and introduced us to famous golf stars like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Annika Sorenstam and teenager Michelle Wie.

As you know, the object of the golf game is simple, to get the ball into the hole with as few shots as possible. Here you will learn the basics to play the game of golf.

learn how to play golfLearn About the Golf Clubs, Grip, Shaft and Face

The basic piece of equipment for the game is the golf club. The parts of the club are the grip, the shaft and the face. The golf club has a rubber grip for a firm grasp. It has a long shaft of steel or graphite to flex and provide the kick that makes the ball fly. The face of the golf club is the point of impact for the shot. The grooves on the club face help put spin on the ball. Spin makes the ball fly farther and stops the ball when it lands.

Golf clubs differ in the length of their shaft and in their loft. The longer the shaft is, the more powerful the shot. Loft is the angle of the clubface when it sits on the ground, and it varies from 10 degrees of loft on the driver to 56 degrees of loft on the sand wedge. The more loft on the clubface, the higher the ball will travel.

learn how to play golfLearn About the Golf Clubs, Woods, Irons, Wedge and Putter

The basic set of golf clubs includes three woods, nine irons, a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, plus the putter.

The woods have the longest shafts of all the golf clubs in your bag and they are used for your longest shots. They are numbered 1, which is the driver, through 11. The higher the number on the club, the higher it will carry the ball. Despite their name, these days the “woods” are made out of steel or titanium.

The irons, made out of steel, help you get the ball onto the green. Just like the woods, the irons with the lower numbers hit the ball longer and lower, but with some loss of accuracy. The lowest number has the longest shaft. The three shortest clubs, the 9-iron, the pitching wedge and the sand wedge, are designed to get the ball in the air, and are used for accuracy, rather than distance. Professional players call these three golf clubs the “money” clubs, because they can save you shots.

Last and most important is the putter, which the pro uses for about 40% of all shots in their golf game. It has only 2-3 degrees of loft and brings accuracy for your greens shots.

learn how to play golfLearn How to Play the Golf Course

When you play each hole of golf, you’ll take your first shot from the flat grassy area called the tee box. You’ll perch your ball on a small peg called a tee, which gives you an easier target. The rest of the time you’ll play the ball where it lands. The object in your golf game is to keep the ball on the smooth fairway grass and out of the overgrown rough. With as few stokes as possible, you want to work your way toward the green, the groomed lawn around the hole and the flag. You’ll want to keep your ball within the white stakes that mark out of bounds. You’ll want to avoid the sand pits called bunkers because it’s hard to hit the golf ball in sand. Avoid the water and other hazards marked with red stakes. If you hit the golf ball out of bounds or into hazards, you’re penalized one shot and must replay the shot.

learn how to play golfLearn How to Keep Score in the Golf Game

Keep score in the golf game by counting the number of swings you take on each hole, even if you miss the ball. Every hole on the golf course is rated for difficulty as par three, par four or par five. On a par-three hole, an expert golfer would expect to make the hole in three shots. If your score is one under par, you’ve made a birdie. A score two under par is called an eagle. A score one stroke more than par is called a bogey, two over par is a double-bogey and three over par is a triple-bogey. And a hole-in-one is the experience of a lifetime.

learn how to play golfThe Distance to a Hole on the Golf Course

To make the game more interesting and to keep the greens fresh, the location of each hole is moved every day. The distance of each hole is measured from the standard tee to the center of the green, no matter where the hole is located on the green.

learn how to play golfNicknames for Bad Golf Shots, Slice, Hook and More

If your golf shot goes wrong, there's a nickname for that. Not every shot you hit will be perfect. If your ball curves out to the right, it’s a slice. To the left, it’s a hook. A straight shot which lands to the right of the target is a push, and to the left of the target, a pull. Your club might hit deep into the ground, a fat shot. Or your club might hit high on the ball, topping the ball. What you really want to do is to knock the ball stiff, a perfect shot.

learn how to play golfYour Handicap Is How Well You Play Golf

Your golf handicap is the measure of your skill level. The higher the handicap is, the weaker the player. Your handicap is simply the average of your best 10 scores, out of your last 20 games, minus 72. If your handicap is 15, you usually shoot 72 + 15, or 87. A pro might have a handicap of 0, which means he/she usually shoots 72 for an 18-hold round. The golf club will keep track of your scores and compute your handicap. If you, with your 15 handicap, play a game against someone with a 5 handicap, you have a 10 stroke advantage. Your advantage in this golf game is computed as 15 handicap-5 handicap = 10 strokes. The rules of golf allow you to subtract one stroke from your score on each of the ten most difficult holes. This makes for a more competitive golf game.

learn how to play golfYour Golf Stance Gets You a Good Stroke

Getting off a good golf stroke depends on three things, your grip, your stance and your swing. In proper stance, you’ll have your feet about should-width apart, and knees gently bent. You’ll bend at the waist and keep your back straight. The golf ball rests midway between your feet. Imagine a line between the tips of your right and left feet, and its direction will tell you where you are aiming the ball.

learn how to play golfYour Golf Swing Is the Heart of the Game

The swing is the heart of your golf game and you will practice it often. The golf swing has three parts to master, the backswing, the downswing, and the follow-through. On the backswing, the golf club is moved, slow and low, back from the ball in an arc. The arc is extended while the shoulders and hips rotate with the club and you shift your weight to the back foot. At the top of the swing, cock your wrists back for extra power.

For your downswing, bring the golf club down in the same path you brought it up. Unwind your body, hips first, then shoulders, and pull the club toward the ball with your left (non-dominant) hand. Let your weight shift to your forward foot. Your wrists will open up and the club will contact the ball with a strong snap.

The third part of your swing is the follow-through. The club continues in full speed in an arc until it comes to rest up over your lead shoulder. For right-handers, the left shoulder is the lead shoulder. Your body twists with it while your weight moves to your front foot. When the stroke is finished, your belt buckle will be facing the target, and your club will be perpendicular to your shoulders.

With practice, you will learn to master the golf swing. Then you will launch your drives with the speed and accuracy of a laser-targeted missile. You’ll be delivering effortless power and huge drives that will win golf games for you.

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