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Start a New Small Business at Home
New Small Business Ideas and Opportunities
How I Turned My Kitchen Table Idea Into a Million Dollars

Kim Lavine had a simple idea for a relaxing pillow filled with dried corn. When she warmed it in the microwave, it worked like a heating pad. When she cooled the pillow, it was good for aches and pains. She made a couple on her sewing machine as gifts to her kids’ teachers.

Women start new businesses at twice the rate of men. For women with young children, working at home seems ideal. If it is to succeed, Mommy’s new small home business takes perseverance, determination, drive and devotion to work.

Kim’s comfy pillow, called Wuvit, went on to rake in many millions of dollars, but not until she learned exactly what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Now she tells all, in her book Mommy Millionaire, full of ideas and opportunities to start your new small business at home. It’s crammed with detailed information that will simplify your own home business startup. After the Eureka moment, when the light bulb idea for the winning product comes to mind, what should you do next?

Start a New Small Business at Home
From a Home Business to Mommy Millionaire

I’ve read a lot of business books, by famous authors like Peter Drucker and Tom Peters. All wrote fine books in their way. But for real-world information about building a product and a business, Mommy Millionaire takes the prize. This book is the roadmap to success for anyone who's ever had a dream of starting a new small business. You don’t have to be a Mommy to enjoy Mommy Millionaire.
Lavine's human and authoritative story makes this one of the most engaging and useful resources available for readers hoping to convert their passion into a healthy company… a rare gem. Publisher’s Weekly  
Step-by-step, Kim lays out the practical details for the new entrepreneur, writing a few clear, succinct paragraphs on each topic. She tells you all the mistakes she made, what she learned by trial and error, plus the secrets no one else talks about. Her first-hand anecdotes and tips are engaging and valuable. If there’s a business in your future, here are all the nitty-gritty details to start your new small business at home and make it work.

She chose the name Wuvit for her pillow because Lovit was already in use. Her company is called Green Daisy because the domain name was available. Then came the logo in an electronic graphic file, which she designed herself. Next she dreamed up a slogan for the company, “Fun, natural products for a happy life.”

How do you know if you have the next million-dollar product? The “experts” laughed at Kim’s idea from the get-go. When her attorney said the product wouldn’t sell, Kim sold six Wuvits to his secretary on the spot. And that's how she started her home business.

New Business Ideas and Opportunities
How to Start Your New Small Business at Home

There are many steps along the way to a million dollars. Here are a few of the highlights, ideas and opportunities you can use. Kim added to the mix her own passion, inspiration and enthusiasm.
  • Develop and patent your idea.
  • Create advertising.
  • Raise capital to grow the business.
  • Write a business plan.
  • License your idea to someone else, or not.
  • Find a manufacturer.
  • Shop for liability insurance.
  • Work your first trade show.
  • Demonstrate the product.
  • Price the product for wholesale and retail sales.
  • Get into the QVC New Product Search.
  • Learn about television sales.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of cold calling.
  • How to lease a kiosk in a shopping mall. Kim did, and sold $225,000 worth of Wuvits in 8 weeks.
  • How scam artists come out of the woodwork.
  • Where to find valuable ideas and opportunities free on the Internet.
  • The interesting people, her mentors and the quirky advice she got.
  • Get through to retail buyers at Macy and Saks.
  • How to hire employees, and who not to hire.
  • What you need to know about cash flow.
  • What to do when everything goes wrong.
  • Find the determination to fight.
  • How to negotiate when you can't pay your debt on time.
  • Manufacture in China. Expect the unexpected.
  • How to raise capital from angel investors.
  • The myth of overnight success. Nobody does it alone.
  • How to value your business.
  • How success comes shining through the crisis, challenges, struggles and stress.
  • And how to raise happy children in the bargain.
In the final analysis, it was not really about the money. It was about building inner strength, values and belief in herself. And it was always about her children.

I hope life brings you much success. I wish you a very happy day.
-----     Surfer Sam  

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