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great home businesses you can start

Great Home Businesses You Can Start
While You Turn Your Passion Into Profits

There's a million-dollar idea for everyone, a way to start a business and make money from your interests, insights, and inventions. Are you one of those people who dream about a home business of their own? Are you creative? Would you like to take your favorite hobby or inventive concept to a new, more profitable level? How about working from the comfort of home while you make money around the clock?

If this decade has taught us nothing else, it has taught us that we can't count on an employer for our long-term financial security. There's no such thing as job security when you work for someone else. This article opens up a world of opportunity and shows you how to turn your creativity into cash.

The first step to independence and success is to find a great home business. Start by reflecting on your strengths, your experience, your talent, hobbies and interests. You don't have to be an expert in any field, as long as you start your home business with determination, ingenuity, energy and passion. There are a hundred ideas for profitable new businesses that require little or no money to get started. Most of these ventures can be started from your home. They are suitable for students, stay-at-home moms and dads, college grads and dropouts. Whether you are an unemployed professional or a worker looking for a second job, there's a business for you.

You can approach any of these home businesses from four directions: you can provide the product or service, make the tools available, teach about it or write about it. You can start a home business by yourself, invite a partner to join you, buy an existing business or buy a franchise. Your business can be high tech or low tech, as long as you can make it profitable. But don't quit your day job until you know you've got a winner.

It seems like everyone I know has a home business, either as a full-time job or as a second job. My neighbor, the father of six, works as an electrician during the day, and builds aquariums in his spare time. A retired friend, who used to manage a big medical practice, found happiness and extra money with her own online bookstore and a flea market booth. A relative of mine buys and sells antiques, both trash and treasures, out of her home. Another friend who couldn't get a job found success buying and selling pocket knives at online auctions and at shows around the country. An ambitious and talented friend of mine paints wall murals. I know other people who repair computers, sew doll dresses, buy and fix up real estate, and operate child day care, all profitable home businesses.

There are many famous people who got their start with a home business.
  • Martha Stewart began as a caterer in her basement kitchen.
  • Kim Lavine had an idea for a comfortable pillow stuffed with dried corn. She called it Wuvit. The pillow brought her a million dollars and she wrote a book about the adventure. Find out more about Kim Lavine and her million-dollar kitchen-table home business.
  • After Tim Ferriss was fired from several jobs, he began an Internet business at home called BrainQUICKEN LLC that sold supplements to build faster minds and stronger bodies. Now Tim knows what it is to be a millionaire. Here is how Tim Ferris became a millionaire with his home business.
  • The co-founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, built an online search engine in a garage.
  • Another set of garage entrepreneurs, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, created a computer they called Apple. The list of successful home business ideas goes on and on.

There is plenty of opportunity for your home business. Here are a few ideas that have lots of promise. Maybe one of them will intrique you with its possibilities. Take time to browse the Yellow Pages in the telephone directory where you'll discover a thousand ideas for your home business. It only takes one good idea to make a living.
  1. Start a Home Photography Business
  2. Start Your Own Home Fashion Business
  3. Start an Online Gift Business from Home
  4. Start Your Own Food Business
  5. How to Start a Home Landscaping Business
  6. How to Start a Home Consulting Business
  7. Start an Interior Design Business at Home
  8. Start a Home Business Making and Selling Crafts

great home businesses you can startStart a Home Photography Business

Home Photography Business
A home photography business starts with a camera and lighting equipment. If you know how to show people at their best, a photography business was meant for you. Picture yourself as the photographer for weddings, parties, public events, corporate meetings, political candidates, newsworthy events, professional portraits and family groups. The paparazzi have built celebrity photography into a big business. Photographs can also work as home decor and as an artistic medium, so open your eyes to the beauty of nature, architecture, and people. Frame and sell your best works of photographic art. Don't forget other business ideas related to photography. You can sell cameras, frame art, begin an online photo store, open a gallery, restore photographs, illustrate books, teach or write a book about photography.

great home businesses you can startStart Your Own Home Fashion Business

Home Fashion Design Business
Are you creative? Do you have a knack for style? Think about starting your own home fashion business. It's possible to create and sell your own fashion clothing and accessories. You can also buy garments and accessories wholesale for resale. Set up your own online or traditional store, or both; it's up to you! When you have a clothing concept and a business plan, the next step is to explore the market, set up a home workshop and office, sell your products, and advertise the business. The opportunities in fashion are wide open from handmade jewelry, purses and bags, belts, scarves, all the way to wedding dresses.

great home businesses you can startStart an Online Gift Business from Home

Home Online Gift Business
Starting an online gift business from home is easy, thanks to today's turnkey technology. In just a few days you can build a virtual gift store selling your favorite items to millions! The software for an online store is inexpensive and easy to use, while it works 24/7 filling shopping cards, processing orders and sending payments to your bank. Choose from today's hottest online gift businesses, which might be food, pets, hobbies, home goods, and holiday items. An online gift business starts with your concept for gift baskets or product-of-the-month club that offers wines, cheese, flowers, bath, kitchen items, baby gifts, wedding presents or birthday items. Or you can create and sell your signature specialties. As the business grows you'll learn how to manage inventory, ship orders and provide helpful customer service. The online gift business will give you the best gift of all, the gift of success.

great home businesses you can startStart Your Own Food Business

Home Food Business
If food and cooking attracts you, you can start a food service business, where huge profits are being made. Eating out is a growing trend for families, couples and singles. A restaurant, not a home business, is the business that first comes to mind for most people, but don't limit yourself to a full-service dining emporium. If food is your knack, start a pizzeria, coffeehouse, sandwich shop, state fairs and festivals, deli, bakery, or a catering business. You can find your niche as a personal chef, or owner of a cooking school. Become the top caterer in your area while you create menus for parties, corporate events, and weddings. Like Julia Child, television cooking stars often film shows from their own kitchen. Study the new and successful restaurant chains like Panera, Cheesecake Factory, Chic Fil A, and Chipolte as your startup models. What can you bring to the table?

Do you have a secret recipe or an idea for a food product? Famous Amos cookies made it big, as did Sweet Baby Ray barbecue sauce, Mrs. Fields cookies and Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice. But there's plenty of room on the store shelves for the next big thing. Food-related businesses offer everything from deep-fried Twinkies to aged balsamic vinegars to cupcakes and Christmas plum pudding. Are you fond of chocolate? It's never too late to start a candy business. Several years ago Dylan Lauren launched her very own candy shop, quickly expanded to five locations and now gets rave reviews.

great home businesses you can startHow to Start a Home Landscaping Business

Home Landscaping Business
Are you passionate about outdoor work? Is your lawn the showstopper in the neighborhood? Home landscaping is a broad business option with many niche services you can offer, including but not limited to lawn care. Your home business can provide landscape design and installation, outdoor hardscape architecture, tree work and plant care. If building is your passion, focus on constructing new decks, garden gazebo, trellises, storage sheds, playhouses, dog houses and children's play sets. Hardscape features like concrete sidewalks, stonework, brick walks and paver stone patios can become part of your services. With a little energy and only a few tools you can launch your home business for window cleaning, roof cleaning, deck washing, leaf cleanup, or snow removal. Outdoor lighting is an ideal business to use your skills an electrician. Grading lots or tilling gardens are all possible if you can operate and rent heavy equipment. You can combine your interest in gardening and retail as the owner of a plant nursery or a specialty garden shop.

great home businesses you can startHow to Start a Home Consulting Business

Home Consulting Business
If you have an area of expertise, like copy writing, self-improvement, motivation, investing, business, grant writing, sales or the Internet, why not market yourself as a home-based consultant. You can make money as a public speaker, personal consultant or employee trainer. Once unknown in Las Vegas, Steve Pavlina uses his online blog to introduce himself and build his business as a public speaker. As the trend toward outsourcing continues, companies rely more and more on consultants for knowledge. See what others are doing in this area. Develop a marketable idea, set up a home office, draft winning proposals, and build your own personal brand.

great home businesses you can startStart an Interior Design Business at Home

Home Interior Design Business
An interior design business is an opportunity for you if you love to shop for home furnishings and antiques and keep abreast of the latest trends. Do you rearrange your rooms every weekend? Do you like to paint, paper and build additions, or work with contractors to make your home improvement ideas come to life? Do friends compliment you on your home? You can launch a home business in interior design. Besides creating new rooms for clients, there are other opportunities in the field. You can branch out into home-staging, by furnishing and showcasing home for sale. You might concentrate on the trend for "green" eco-friendly home products. Home designers often design and sell their own line of furniture, freelance with furniture stores and publish home design books. It's all about developing your own design look, product resources and client list.

great home businesses you can startStart a Home Business Making and Selling Crafts

Home Craft Business
Are you the superstar of crafts? You can make and sell crafts for a second income. Craft outlet stores and weekend craft shows are available in almost every town. Crafters often travel and sell at gardening shows, shopping malls or antique shows. Or you can sell online in craft specialty malls like Among crafters, beaded jewelry, art work, greeting cards, custom pillows, leather work, candles, Native American woven rugs, art pottery, novelty Christmas and Halloween decorations, scrapbooking, eco-friendly wood toys for toddlers and hand-lettered wall plaques are popular right now. Want to make money, but don't know where to start? Check out the work of other crafters online and at the shows. Set up a worktable, put together your supplies, and go to town. Find your bliss as a crafter.

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