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wireless home security systems to install yourself

Wireless Home Security Systems, Burglar Alarms You Can Install Yourself DIY

Using a Home Security System
Have you looked into the new home security systems available for your home? These burglar alarms are so easy to install that you can do the installation yourself no matter what your background. A security system is ideal for people who want to protect their home and prevent theft before it happens. You'll appreciate the peace of mind when you go to bed at night. The newest systems are inexpensive and require no wiring. Here are three popular home security systems that might meet your needs.

wireless home security systems to install yourself

Basic Wireless Home Security System Burglar Alarms

Basic Home Security System
The simplest system is a Personal Security Alarm with four independent alarm devices that costs less than $30. It includes four burglar alarms, three for your windows and one for the front door.

Each alarm unit has its own 120 decibel horn that sounds whenever someone tries to open the window or door it is on. The window alarms attach to the window frame near the sill, and the door alarm attaches to the doorframe. The units attach with either screws or double-sided tape, so that no wiring or drilling is required. You can also set each alarm to chime, so that you know when the door or window is opened. On chime mode, the system alerts you when little children slip out of the house or when uninvited guests walk in. It comes with a wireless keypad where you enter your personal pin to activate and deactivate the system. You can change your pin anytime.

When you leave home, set the door alarm with a 45-second delay, which gives you time to leave and close the door behind you. When you return home, you've got 30 seconds to deactivate the alarm by entering your personal 4-digit code. When you are at home, set the security system for an instant alarm with no delay. If your neighbors are nearby, the 120-decibel alarm on each device is loud enough for them to hear it and call the police. The siren is definitely loud enough to scare away any burglar.

The advantages of a Personal Home Security Alarm system are the it uses no wiring, requires no phone connection and the keypad is easy to use. The burglar alarm acts as a deterrent against intruders, and there are no monthly service contracts.The cost of this system is another advantage, just $23 for a package with a door unit and 3 window units.

The disadvantages of a Personal Home Security Alarm system are that you when you are away, you depend on nearby neighbors to call for help. The alarm is easily seen and can be grabbed and smashed by a determined intruder. On the other hand, typically a burglar sees the alarm and stays away. The on/off/chime switch on each window unit has to be set separately. You must change batteries in each unit as required. Each unit is battery operated and has a button to test for low batteries, and a low battery indicator, but you must replace batteries as necessary.

wireless home security systems to install yourself

Advanced Wireless Home Security System Burglar Alarms

Advanced Home Security System
For a home security system with advanced capabilities, you may want a full-featured wireless security system. These are also affordable burglar alarms you can install yourself. Prices start at $300 and well worth it, considering how much they do for you.

This system offers all the bells & whistles you need to effectively protect your home from burglars. It include the basic door and window sensor units, but it also is expandable to include motion detectors, separate outdoor sirens, smoke detectors, gas detectors, and sensors for water leaks, glass breaks, carbon monoxide and freezing temperatures. You can get several remote keypads to use near outside doors, while you keep the central controller is a closet or safe place. The system also provides built-in battery backup.

Advanced wireless technology eliminates the hassle of running wires to detectors and sensors. This allows for a quick, easy installation. Of course, the systems are easy to install, but you can save time by watching the how-to-do-it DVD first. The DVD shows you how to use a wireless window unit to guard more than one window by wiring extra windows into it. Home security systems like this are manufactured by MFG. Skylink, GE, Bulldog Security, and others.

The Advanced Home Security system includes a main programmer and phone dialer control unit. Optionally, you can subscribe to a monthly service that lets you use their app on any cell phone, iPad or computer as a remote control to arm or disarm your home security system remotely and check the status of the system. Free yard signs and window stickers are included as another deterrent to burglars. You probably want a security system that does not use your home landline to summon help during a breakin, because the first thing burglars do is cut the phone line. The units are attached with double-sided tape, so you have no messy drilling or wires to pull. You can get extra wireless touchpads for your keychain to arm and disarm the system in your bedroom or the car.

If you want to use your Home Security system with a monitor service like ADT, Brinks, Guardian and Safemart, monthly fees run from $20.00 to $50. A monitored alarm system can also save you 10% or more on your home owners insurance. Another option is to save the monthly service fee, and set the system to call any cell phone or to summon the police directly. Each sensor can be individually programmed for instant alarm or 30-second delay, and you turn the audible alarm on or off You can connect the control unit with your heating thermostat, porch lights and other controls.

The advantages of this home security system is the purchase price of under $300. It requires no wiring. An unwitting burglar may destroy a visible keypad near the door, but the main controller hidden in a closet keeps working. The burglar can try to disable the external siren, but the controller inside is still calling the police. You don't need an expensive off-premises monitoring service. A system like this is a formidable deterrent to any intruder.

The disadvantages is that cell phone capability is another costly add-on. And you have to replace batteries when they are low.

wireless home security systems to install yourself

Video Wireless Home Security System

Video Camera Home Security
A third way to provide home security is with a wireless digital Video Security System. If you want to see who is at your door, or have surveillance video cameras that can record any activity outside the house, this system is a fast, install-it-yourself approach to home security.

A typical video security package comes with 4 security video cameras with color images and night vision that can be used indoors or outside. They transmit to a small LCD monitor that sits on your desk or hangs on a wall. The home security cameras can view, record to an SD card, and transmit to the small monitor . To ensure that the signal is secure and interference-free, they use frequency hopping spread spectrum technology. Installation is simple and no wires are used. Simply position the cameras for good visibility, and plug each into an electric power source. Maximum range between the camera and monitor is about 50 to 75 feet. Prices start at $350 for a two-camera video system.

Sitting at the monitor, you can switch from camera to camera, or view the recorded SD card. The monitor has a 2-way audio intercom with each video camera. You can set the cameras to record on a schedule or to record whenever motion is sensed. Whenever motion is detected by one of the cameras, the system starts recording and the 7 inch LCD monitor screen on your desk displays live video from the camera. Advanced motion detection is triggered by heat sources like people, animals and cars. Intruders and burglars will see the cameras and scram fast.

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