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how free qr codes bring your business customers

How to Use FREE QR Codes for Business
New Marketing Ideas for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Smartphones

Free QR Codes have unlimited uses to market your business. If you’ve seen those quirky black and white graphics that look like a square maze, you are looking at a QR Code. These free QR Codes can bring your business more customers. Here we answer your questions.
  1. What is a QR Code
  2. How to Use QR Codes for Business Marketing
  3. How to Read a QR Code with Your Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Smartphone
  4. Where Can Your Business Use QR Codes
  5. Landing Pages for Customers Who Scan Your QR Code
  6. Where to Get your Free QR Code

What is a QR Code?

how free qr codes bring your business customers A QR Code is a square bar code. Your cell phone can read the code by using its camera. The QR Code reader app comes built into a smartphone or as an app download. The data in the QR code can be any text at all, phone number, a link to a web page, email addresses, any information you can fit into 4296 characters. QR stands for Quick Response. You've probably noticed QR Codes in magazines, store windows and products. Often the code contains a hyperlink to a web page with consumer info. Think "print-based Internet links" and you'll be on target.

How to Use QR Codes for Business Marketing

There are inventive ideas for using QR Codes in marketing, business and your personal life. Put your QR Code on your business card, with a link to up-to-date contact information. Human resources can link a printed QR code to an online job application. QR Codes on real estate signs at a house for sale take customers to the online listing. Your QR Code can link to a Google map that locates your store. A charity can request donations, and link directly to its PayPal page for your contribution.

Ideas for Business Uses of QR Codes

QR Codes reach interested customers and immediately bring them to you at the time of peak interest. A restaurant can use its QR Code to link an ad to its online menu. QR Codes were originally used to track cars on the factory assembly line. Where would you like to meet your customer, on your blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel, or online catalog? They offer exciting new marketing opportunities. Coupled with creative marketing, QR codes make it possible to connect with the mobile consumer. They integrate your online and offline business strategies.

How to Read a QR Code with Your Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Smartphone

New smart cell phones have the capability to scan QR Codes. Otherwise, you can get a free CR scanning app for your cell phone. iPhone users will find these apps inside the App Store. Android users should head for the Android Market. BlackBerry owners browse Blackberry App World. Downloading the app takes only a minute. Then open the app on your cell phone and start scanning. Focus the camera on the QR Code, and watch your camera screen for the pop up box that shows the data embedded in the Code. It might be an Internet link, a phone number or a paragraph of information.

Where Can Your Business Use QR Codes

You'll see QR Codes in unusual places. They show up on business cards, tattoos on the arm, the sides of trucks, on cash register receipts, and on product packages. They can be printed on merchandise handouts like coffee cups, t-shirts and hats. Start a conversation with your public by showing your QR Code on a tote bag, a tie, refrigerator magnet, lapel buttons and bumper stickers. You can even have your QR Code made up in dark and white chocolate. They can appear on billboards, on the sports JumboTron, in your Yellow Pages ad, in your email newsletter and on your television screen. Since your QR Code is a digital graphic file, you can even put the code on your website, your Facebook page or on Twitter. On tombstones in Japan the QR Code links to a memorial web page for the deceased. Imagine your QR Code on your t-shirt, with a line of text underneath "Wanna Buy My Truck?" A baker displayed its QR code in frosting on the side of a cake.

Landing Pages for Customers Who Scan Your QR Code

To get good results from your QR Code, consider the landing page from the customer's point of view. Provide your customers a web page that has been optimized for mobile viewers. When they arrive, and ask, "What's in it for me," your business can offer a reward or incentive to thank them for their interest. Include a coupon, a video, a music sample or a contest as part of the experience. You can also use your QR Code to test the effectiveness of print advertising placements, with individual codes and unique landing pages for each insertion.

Where to Get your Free QR Code

QR Codes are absolutely free. A subsidiary of Toyoto, Denso Wave, owns the patent rights for the QR coding system, but allows it to be used by anyone. Many websites offer free QR Codes for the asking, sites like,,,, and

At these sites, just type the line of text, usually a web link, and your QR code will appear as an onscreen graphic image. The image is in png or jpeg format. Use your smart phone to test out image right away. Save this image file, or download it to your computer. Then the file can be used like any graphic image for printing and art work. Extra services are provided for a small fee. You can have your QR Code designed in color with your company logo. and you can get your QR code in a high-resolution file for print media.

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