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It's the New Sound of Free Online Music Radio Builds You a Personal Music Station
Play and Listen to the Music That Moves You

What makes unique? Itís the New Sound of Free Online Music Radio. Gives You a Personal Music Station where you can play and listen to music that moves you. And Play Your Music Favorites., the new face of free online radio music. the free online music station with a twist. How to Stream Music from the Internet ... Internet Radio. is a music service that lets you discover new music you like, based on the music you already listen to.

The Beginning of Free Online Music That's Truly Personal is online radio thatís cool and personal and free. is more than an online music radio station. It is an adventure in music discovery, powered by in depth song analysis, can find music that makes you happy.

Just tell one of your favorite songs or artists, and the service responds by playing that selection andothers musically similar to your fav. For example, on the "My Chemical Romance" channel I listened to a song by My Chemical Romance, and similar artists Leathermouth, LostAlone, The Used, Kyosuke Himuro, Feat, and Gerard Way. While you play music and listen, there's a video with photo montages of the performers and album covers for you to enjoy.

Start Listening to Free Online Music on

You can play and listen to with just your browser. To listen to free online music start at the home page. Click on the MUSIC or the RADIO button, and type in the name of an artist or song title or genre.

When you click the RADIO button, type the name of the artist or genre you want to hear. I asked for Adele, and listened to a channel that started with Adele and brought me Kelly Clarkson, Jessie J, Rihanna, Florence and Amy Winehouse. tells me In the category of soul music, Adele has 61,773,340 plays and 1,653,315 listeners.

On commercial radio stations, you have to listen to the generic top-twenty played over and over. But on, your preferences matter. The music playlist is customized for you. It's your personal music station. And you provide feedback on the individual song choices which takes into account for future music selections.

And Did I Mention, Is Free? online music service is free for users in the US, United Kingdon, and Germany. If you are in another country, the requires is a small monthly subscription fee. A paid subscription is also required to listen via your iPhone or Android and most other music devices. was founded in the United Kingdom in 2002. Now it is owned by CBS Interactive and has 30 million active users. It is one of the most popular places for free online music. The website is filled with tons of information on artists, albums and tracks, similar music selections, charts and other statistics and more. To get started from the home page, click on the MUSIC button, click on a music category in the left column, and click on an artist, click the Play button. You'll listen to many songs and hours of music from artists like the one you choose. And you get your pick from hundreds of thousands of music channels.

Why You Might Want to Sign up for the Free Profile

To get the most out of, sign up for a free user music profile. With a profile you can keep track of your favorites by using the "love" and "ban" buttons to gradually customize your music. is also an online music neighborhood or social network, so you can add other users as friends, send them messages or leave them comments in their shoutboxes. You can also search for other fans, or groups and join them to chat in their forums.

There's Plenty of Free Music at

You'll find over 12 million individual audio tracks, all free online music, from artists on all the major commercial and independent labels. There are hundreds of thousands of music channels. You have an extensive choice of free online music genres: acoustic, ambient, blues, classical, country, electronic, emo, folk, hardcore, hip hop, indie, jazz, latin, metal, pop, pop punk, punk, reggae, rnb, rock, soul, world, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. No online music service will let you pick the artist and exact title on demand. On-demand music is prohibited by copyright laws.

The Scrobbler Recommends More Free Online Music is also a music recommendation service. You use the recommendation feature with the free signup. The free computer software called Scrobbler helps you discover more music based on the songs you play.

The music you listen to lets recommend new music youíll like, upcoming events of your favourite and other related artists, as well as other users with a similar music taste to yours. The music app you download, called the Scrobbler, makes radio personal, keeps track of the music you listen to, your preferences and updates your profile charts. There are already 50 billion scrobbles. You can download a Scrobbler app for your other music devices, too.

I wish you much success in life. I hope you have a very happy day.

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