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Amazing Space at MySpace and How the MySpace Generation Stays Connected

The MySpace community is a popular site on the web, where members thrive on interaction with each other. Itís a site where you create an identity and tell the world about yourself. On MySpace youíre sure to find people who share your interests and taste in music. Members post their profiles and personalize them with photos, music, video clips, blogs and links. Itís free, easy to join, and easy to get in touch with other members. Some people join MySpace to find friends, some to network, some join for the music and some to write their blog. MySpace is an Internet site based on friendship.

The MySpace generation, people who live online, play online, and buy online, is unique. MySpacers are the youthful nation of extremely sociable early adopters who meet and remain connected via the Internet. MySpace creates new social behavior that blurs the distinctions between online and real-world interactions. Itís a place where you can live inside the web.

How MySpace Began

Not so long ago, Tom Anderson, a musician with a film degree, partnered with Chris DeWolfe, his former boss when they both worked at the data storage company X-Drive. They wanted to create a Web site for promoting local acts and connecting with bands in the Los Angeles music scene. They envisioned a virtual place to hang out, where musicians could post their music and fans could chat about it. Tom knew music and film. Chris knew the Internet business. You could say that Tom is the soul and Chris is the business brain of MySpace. They are the original MySpace cowboys.

Tom introduced his Hollywood friends, musicians, models and actors, to his online community, and soon the news spread. Now Tom has 100 million friends at MySpace, the worldís fastest growing website. The site is home to 2.2 million bands, 8,000 comedians, thousands of filmmakers , unsigned artists and millions of striving, attention-starved wannabes. On a typical day, myspace signs up 230,000 new members.

The Buyout

In 2005, Rupert Murdoch, billionaire chairman of News Corp., who knows a good opportunity when he sees one, bought the parent company of MySpace for $580 million. Tom and Chris stayed on with the site. Tom is determined to keep the MySpace brand intact, with all its personality, culture, authenticity and the grass-roots user power. With the influx of new capital, MySpace is expanding into features like MySpace Comedy, MySpace Mobile and MySpace Film. They are also considering international sites, voice over the internet (VoIP), many deals for advertising, a sports site and a fashion site. They talk about MySpace as a lifestyle brand.

Getting Started on MySpace

When you sign up at MySpace, you get an 8 digit ID. You might want to change your ID to a more memorable name, like happycamper22 so friends can find your profile at Your MySpace name is your online persona and is the only item that canít be changed. Everything else on your profile can easily be edited and customized.

The next step is to set up a profile page with your picture and some links. Your photo is important because it appears whenever you send messages, friend requests, bulletins and invitations. So you might want to change it, and upload a better shot. Youíll want to upload pictures to your page, images in JPEG or GIF format and under 600KB. You can add captions to your pictures, too, and delete them when you donít need them. MySpace has a huge library of uploaded music, so select a song from the library to play on your profile. All this is accomplished by a simple interface when you edit your profile.

Itís All About Friends

Most MySpace members like to make as many friends as they can, and some think that your status on MySpace is determined by the number of friends you have. When you find a congenial member, you can request to be their friend, and you name will be added to their list of friends. Other people will want to be your friend when they see your profile. Members who visit your profile will leave comments, or send instant messages while youíre both online.

MySpace also has an internal email system for members to use, too. MySpace will notify you with an alert whenever you get a friend request, comments on your profile, comments on your images and blog, new messages and event invitations. You can even get these alerts as emails and as text messages on your cell phone.

Personalize (Pimp) Your Profile

There are many ways to personalize the appearance of your profile. Perhaps you want to add a jazzy background or a banner heading to your page. You can modify the text on your profile by changing its font, size and color. Itís all accomplished by adding HTML codes and CSS styles while you edit your profile or your blog. In fact, you can include any HTML tags and CSS styles, simply by typing the code in with your profile. For members who want help with code, satellite helper sites have sprung up on the Web to provide free canned code, images and backgrounds, so you can easily personalize your profile.

Networking on MySpace

Describe your job, what MySpace calls your networking affiliation, by choosing from pop-up lists of work categories. When you search the members by job, you can use MySpace for networking and finding career opportunities. You can look for people in the same line of work, too, searching by zip code or country, gender and interests.

Things To Do on MySpace

Community thrives on interaction between members. Itís all about communicating. When youíve got news to tell, post a bulletin. MySpace will send it automatically to everyone on your friends list. You can send an email inviting friends to join MySpace. Now you can even access and update your MySpace pages from a cell phone.

Of course, MySpace gives you an address book for e-mail addresses and phone numbers and links for sending messages.

MySpace also give you a personal calendar for planning. You can decide to make it public or private, and you can get timely reminder emails for each activity.

One of the most popular activities is listening to new music from the huge library of uploaded files.

You can promote your real world events on MySpace Events.

The Classified Ads section has a lot of potential. It lists things like job openings, stuff for sale or for free, and jobs wanted, all arranged by city.

Join MySpace Groups

A MySpace group is a forum devoted to a particular subject. Group members post messages in the forum and respond to other posts. There are over two million groups available, both public and private, from Theme Park Traveling Group to Muscle Car Enthusiasts Group. You can join any public group, and you can invite other people to join, too. You can set up your own group, moderate it and make it public or private. Your Groups Page lists the groups youíve joined. When any of your groups receives a new post, youíll get a notice on your own Groups Page.

Blogging on MySpace

Reading the blogs is a must for MySpace visitors. On their blogs members confess, confide and create, so you get to know them better. Some blogs shine with self-expression, well expressed. Other blogs are full of angst, emotions and crisis. Itís all about feelings, relationships and true love in the MySpace world. When you find a good blog, click the subscribe button, so youíll get an e-mail notice from MySpace when a post is added to the blog. Visitors will leave comments on your blog, which are usually very supportive. And nobody worries much about spelling or grammar. You can include your podcast in your blog, too, as well as your RSS feed for your podcast.

When youíve selected a theme for your blog, like pets or sports, youíll want to join a blog group where your theme will fit in. The blog groups introduce you to like-minded friends and help promote your blog.

Bands and Filmmakers

If youíve got a band or a film to promote, MySpace is the ideal showcase. After all, Tom, the co-founder, was in a band, too. You can create a special band profile and upload four band songs as MP3 files. Include the dates of scheduled performances, bios of the band members, band musical likes and dislikes, and link to your band Web site. For good feedback, let visitors rank your songs. MySpace is a very popular venue for new bands.

If you are a filmmaker, set up a filmmaker profile with info about your showings. Upload any 100MG films or trailers, and play it on your profile. When you build a network of friends, MySpace lets you send them bulletins of upcoming events.

Privacy on MySpace

If youíre concerned about your privacy, MySpace has a number of options. You could decide not to publish your online status and your last login date on your profile, so you can surf in privacy. From the Account Settings page, you can turn off calendar sharing. You can accept group invites only from your friends. You can allow comments or instant messages only from your friends. And if you blog, you can limit your blog to a preferred list of readers.

A MySpace member explained privacy: ďAlmost every single teen that has a MySpace has it on Private, as I have mine. That means we have to ALLOW someone to view it. And adults cannot search for teens. They will not show up in search engines if they are under 18. You have to have their full birth name or their email.Ē

Safety on MySpace

It all seems like innocent fun, and it can be. But in virtual life, as in real life, it helps to be aware of possible dangers. For safetyís sake, young MySpace members should know that people sometimes misrepresent themselves, their age, gender and hometown. Donít include in your profile or blog the name of your school or your home address. Donít make any public postings that you donít want people around the world to see. Never agree to meet strangers. Never respond to spam, and report anything inappropriate to MySpace.

The Wrapup

There are hundreds of social-networking sites on the Internet like Facebook, Friendster, Xanga, Bebo, Cyworld and Tagged. But MySpace is by far the largest and the best known. It is a fun and friendly site with lots of interesting content. And the more people who use it, the better and more useful it becomes.

I hope life brings you much success. I wish you a very happy day.
-----     Surfer Sam  

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