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free seo tips get you more customers

Free SEO Tips Get You More Customers
Make Your Website a Magnet for Traffic

  1. What Free SEO Does for You
  2. Free SEO Tips About Your Keywords
  3. Ten Free SEO Basic Tips for your Website
    Search Engine Optimization You Can Do Yourself

free seo tips get you more customersWhat Free SEO Does for You

The goal of Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is to bring more customers to your web page. This basic SEO information is free and easy to use. Free SEO is do-it-yourself SEO. The SEO tips are here for you.

How do the search engines rank your website now? Every time a customer searches for your product or service, the search engine, be it Google or Yahoo or MSN, returns a search report. The search report is simply a list of web pages where the customer can find the product. If your web page shows up in the first page of the search report, customers are much more likely to click the link and visit your page.

This traffic that originates from a search engine is free. There is no charge for these visitors. You don't have to buy AdWords or other advertising. All that's necessary is to get a high rank on the search report for the products you sell. To rank high, your page must get the approval of search engines. So, for more online customers at your website, piggyback on Google. Use search engines for the heavy lifting of screening and delivering more customers. Let us show you how how free SEO works.

free seo tips get you more customersFree SEO Tips About Your Keywords

The goal in SEO is to rank high on the search engine report for the keywords that matter to you. Because a high ranking is very valuable in building traffic, SEO is a competitive activity.

Your goal is to optimize a web page for important keywords. If a page is optimized with SEO, the search engines will read the page and “decide” that the page is highly relevant to the keywords. We’re dealing here with computer robots that “spider” around the Internet “reading” and evaluating all the pages they find. The algorithms that each search engine relies on are highly classified secrets, and thus SEO, the ability to optimize websites for search engines, is a skill people develop by intuition and lots of experience. If Google were to publish its search engine strategies in a book, it would hit the bestseller list straight away and outsell all seven of the Harry Potter books combined. That’s how critical SEO is to the success of a website.

free seo tips get you more customersTen Free SEO Basic Tips for your Website
Optimization You Can Do Yourself

Here are our best free SEO tips to create web pages that are optimized to be “search engine friendly” with a high ranking on the search report.
  1. The most important part of SEO is to select one or two keywords for each web page. Think like the customers and choose a word or a phrase that they will intuitively use to search for your site. Include these keywords often on your web page, in titles and text. The right keywords will bring highly targeted visitors to your site -- visitors who are actively seeking to buy exactly what you sell.
  2. The most popular keywords have been used extensively, and you are not likely to break into the top page of the search report if you rely on them. Instead, choose a keyword phrase that gives you a chance at a front-page ranking. For example, the keyword “mortgage” returns more than 2 million sites in the search report. However, the keyword “bad credit mortgage” returns only 50,000 sites in the search report and will give you a better chance at a front-page ranking.
  3. Here is a free keyword tool from Google which will give you many ideas for keywords and information about their popularity in customer searches.
    You’ll also find a very popular, low-cost keyword tool at
  4. Create content that is useful and important. The more other sites link to your pages, the higher your website ranks with search engines.
  5. Use text for most of the content on your web page. Search engines cannot read content that is embedded in a Flash file. They cannot read content that is contained in an image. If your pages are built with Flash and images, but contain no text, the search engine has nothing to work with.
  6. Now for some positive free SEO tips. When you pick a domain name for your website, it is helpful to choose a name that includes your keywords. For example, if you’re selling pet products, the domain name can give you an edge with the search engines. See more about choosing free domain names here.
  7. Use your keywords in each file name and folder name because it gives the search engine more information for page ranking.
    Example Use the file name “pet-harnesses.htm” instead of "page01.htm,
  8. Use the keyword throughout the web page, in the content and in the HTML tags. The <TITLE> tag, the <DESCRIPTION> tag and the <KEYWORDS> tag should all contain your keyword. It is also important to use the keyword in headings <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, and so on throughout the page.
    Example <TITLE>Stainless Steel Pet Bowls </TITLE>
    Example <META NAME="description" CONTENT="Pet bowls in stainless steel, recommended by professional breeders for hygienic feeding. For dogs, cats and pets of all sizes. Check out today's big deals.">
    Example <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="pet bowls stainless steel food bowl cat dog large small bargain deal sale ">
  9. The contents of the HTML Description tag, as shown directly above, are often displayed on the search report with the search results. Make those twenty-five words spellbinding ad copy for your website.
  10. Have you noticed that when the mouse hovers over an image, a box of text may appear? This is accomplished with an alt parameter or a title parameter in the image tag. Include your keywords in the image title whenever possible.
    red cat harness
    Example <img src="cat-harness.jpg" width=151 height=100 title="red cat harness" alt="red cat harness">
  11. Place your keywords in a bullet list, italic text or bold text to give them emphasis on the page.
  12. Include the keyword in the link that refer to your optimized page. Instead of saying “Click here”, describe the link with your keywords like this, “See More Stainless Steel Pet Dishes.”
  13. Register your website with several search engines, so they can easily find it.
  14. Search engines also generally cannot find pages that are created from a database, particularly if the URL is extended with numerous parameters. They cannot find pages that are password-protected or that use a session ID.
  15. Most important, search engines usually do not read JavaScript and DHTML. If the drop-down navigation menus on your website are created by a JavaScript program, search engines will not follow these links to your other pages. You can convert Javascript menus to CSS styles that use plain text. For the benefit of search engines, the navigation links should be plain text.
  16. Avoid using frames, i.e., sub-windows, in the website design. The search engines have problems with frames and might treat each sub-window as a separate page in the search report, even if the navigation menu is in the other sub-window. There are programming strategies to circumvent this, but be aware of the drawbacks with frames.
These are the most important free SEO tips to optimize your website for search engines. SEO also uses many other ways to bring customer traffic to your website. These include building inbound links, link exchanges, registering with directories, and providing sitemaps. You can also link to your website through advertising, email newsletters, press releases, blogs, and forums. These Search Engine Optimization tactics lay the groundwork for a successful web strategy. Here come the customers !!

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