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What Do My Dreams Mean?
Interpretation and Analysis of Dreams

Your conscious mind works all day talking to you. At night the unconscious mind takes over and brings you dreams. Your dreams are messages to you, and itís important to understand them. In ancient times, people believed that the gods spoke to them in dreams. As early as the fifth century B.C. priests were in charge of interpreting dreams. Dreams were important for the advice about life they gave. It was thought that dreams predicted the future. The great philosophers of ancient history like Heraclitus, Plato and Aristotle tried to understand what dreams mean. Aristotle thought that dreams were ideas leftover from the waking life. He felt that dreams are affected by your health.

Everyone Wants to Know What Dreams Mean

In earlier times, many peoples, like the Iroquois Indians and natives of Borneo, made no distinction between dreams and reality. They followed the instructions of their dreams religiously. If a man dreamt that his wife has committed adultery, he believed that it has actually happened and accused her.

Dreams tell us what we feel about ourselves and how we should live our lives. Some dreams reveal your unconscious fears and desires. Some dreams represent your deepest wishes and longings and help us to fulfill them. Modern dream theory is based on the work of Freud, who believed that dreams expressed our deepest desires, and used symbols to represent our wishes. Freud being Freud, he believed that most dreams were expression of hidden problems, and many objects in dreams served as romantic symbols. Dreams are how we release our repressed thoughts and let off steam.

Jung, who began as Freudís student, believed that most dreams are important messages from ourselves to ourselves, and they need to be understood. Dreams are a mirror that reflects unknown parts of our mind. Other psychologists believe that dreams are just another facet of life, full of memories and images left over from the waking experiences. In dreams we re-examine and organize these pieces of unfinished business from our lives.

We need sleep to recover from daytime activities and recharge our energy. We also need sleep for our psychological health because we need to dream. All of us dream in our sleep, sometimes up to six dreams a night, whether or not you remember all of them. Most dreams occur during the period of sleep known as REM, Rapid Eye Movement. Children also dream, but their dreams are less complicated and usually involve monsters. Even animals dream.

Some people say that they donít dream, but itís likely they are repressing their dreams. Dreams are hard to remember because their events are often irrational, and complex and not easy to categorize. Like holding onto a cloud, the harder we try to remember a dream, the farther away it slips. One way to remember dreams is to remind ourselves at bedtime that we want to recall our dreams. Sometimes itís useful while we are asleep to ask the dream why we canít remember it. While you are dreaming, you can even ask the dream itself what it means. You can remember dreams better if you write them down immediately upon waking, while the images are still vivid. A Dream Diary will help keep track of your dreams and your interpretation of them.

How to Interpret What a Dream Means

Because human beings share common hopes, fears and worries, they often share similar dreams, too. But every dream is personal and unique. The analysis of your dream depends on who you are and your own experiences. To analyze your dream, you should first recall the details as you dreamt them, and then identify the symbols of the dream. It helps to use the technique of free association, and to write down the first words that occur to you. Then start expanding on the dream, without criticism or editing. The dreams you remember best and the dreams that recur often are likely to be the most important. The meaning of your dream depends on the emotions you felt, how you reacted in the dream and the mood you were in. To explore the dream, you can identify a similar mood you had awake, and any waking experiences that were significant.

The purpose of the dream could be to warn you of danger, to encourage you, or to guide you. Your dream could represent your deepest wishes, like the woman who dreamed of babies, or the teenager who dreams of a date with a rock star. In your dreams, reaching for the stars can be the symbol of your career ambitions. The protagonist, or leading actor, in your dream is usually yourself. In the dreams where you are not the actor, an object or animal or another person might represent your point of view. The meaning of dreams is complex. Dream Dictionaries are available to identify the hundreds of dream situations, and to interpret the thousands of symbols that appear in your dreams.

I Dream That I am Falling. What Does My Dream Mean?

"When I dream that I am falling, I struggle or jerk and wake myself up."

The falling dream is extremely common. The experience of waking yourself up out of a dream is called a myclonic jerk. Some dreams are so real that the brain believes you are really falling or in danger, so the brain signals the body to flee and escape. The Falling Dream represents your feelings of anxiety and insecurity. You feel your life is out of control, or you cannot keep up with everyone else and have nothing to hold on to. The dream might mean that you want to do something impulsive, possibly reckless.

Can My Dream Predict the Future?

"I had a dream that something would happen, and it came true. Can dreams predict the future?"

Thereís no evidence that dreams can predict the future. Itís possible that in your dream you associate information that you unconsciously know, before you consider it in your waking moments. The dream appears to predict the future, but it is built on your own knowledge. A second answer is that itís merely coincidence that dreams come true.

In My Dream I'm Being Chased. What Does It Mean?

"In my dream Iím in great danger and I'm being chased through a theater and then down a country road. To escape I hide in a ditch while the criminals drive by."

Chase dreams can be interpreted as expression of anxiety and fear in your waking life. Running away, rather than confronting the danger, is your way of coping. These dreams are common among women who are threatened and feel vulnerable. The movies you watch can also influence your dream state. In your dream you managed to escape the danger and find safety, which means that you have the resources to protect yourself. The dream may be warning you to be strong and to take care of yourself. If the dream recurs, stop running and ask your attacker why they threaten you. Ask yourself if your waking behavior is putting you at risk. Ask yourself what you are actually afraid of.

I Dreamed I Failed a Test. What Does My Dream Mean?

People have the dream of failing a test even long after they have finished school. In your dream you came late to the exam, or you forgot to study or something else, but the common theme is anxiety and nervousness in the face of irrational rules. Perhaps in your waking life, you are being challenged and judged to perform under unfavorable conditions. This dream can reflect either your drive to perfectionism, or your need to prepare better. You may be afraid of criticism. You may be afraid of letting people down. You may also be afraid of failure. Itís up to you to examine the dream in the light of what you know about yourself. I

I Dream of Flying. What Does My Dream Mean?

Flying dreams are very common, because the sensation of your deep breathing can make it seem like you are flying. The sensation of flying can be so real that it lasts even when you awake. Flying indicates a change of perspective, rising above problems and being unrestrained. Flying represents being in control. The psychologists traditionally associate flying with romantic activity. When the dream sensation is joyful and positive, you are in control of your life. If your dream emotions are angry or bitter, you may be trying to escape or get away from problems in your life. As you fly, look at the landscape for clues to your dream. Flying dreams fall under a category of dreams where you become aware that you are dreaming, known as lucid dreaming. Many dreamers have described the ability to fly in their dreams as an exhilarating, joyful, and liberating experience.

I hope life brings you much success. I wish you a very happy day.
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