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Welcome to the Best New Funny Jokes

Howdy! We're glad to see ya!
Welcome to Surfer Sam and Friends. You'll find the best new funny jokes. So enjoy yourself here. I hope you have a very happy day.

Funny Blonde Jokes and Quotes, Whether your hair is brown, black, red or blonde, you're gonna laugh at these funny blonde jokes, blonde quotes and humor. You've gotta love blondes, because they are just so entertaining. Blondes RULE !! See it here -->

funny elevator jokesFunny Elevator Jokes and Pranks Waiting for You. Funny Things To Do and Say on the Elevator. You'll laugh out loud at these awesome, epic, outrageous jokes and pranks. [more]

funny yo mama fat jokes and insults92 Funny Yo' Mama Fat Jokes and Insults. These are good ones from Sam's awesome humongous collection. Yo' mama is so fat, she was in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, wearing ropes. [more]

funny computer jokesFunny Computer Jokes. Nerds, noobies, nitwits, nebishes and nabobs. Ahhh, I see the screw-up fairy has visited us again [more]

Funny Joke of the Day, the funniest jokes on the Internet. Funny jokes for funny blokes. You're gonna have a good time !! [more]

Redneck Romeo, Funny Redneck stories and jokes. "Lucy Mae," he hollered, "why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?" [more]

Cheap Jokes. Outrageous jokes with funny pictures. Eight signs that your basketball team won't win the NCAA Championship. Plus cheap golf tricks, a cheap bird and a cheap romance. [more]

Funny Lawyer Jokes. Lawyer, attorney, judges, trials and courtrooms are full of jokers. The legal jokes are funny. You be the judge! What disco am I at? [more]

Football Jokes and Quotes Part 1 Great players and fans score some winning jokes. You're a great football fan if your children are named Ditka, Heisman and O.J. [more]

Redneck Love and Redneck Romance Part 2. There's a little bit of redneck in all of us. Funny redneck jokes and pictures. [more]

Funny Redneck Jokes. There's a little Redneck in all of us. Sasha's collection of outrageous Redneck jokes and pix brings us closer to our roots. [more]

Purr - fectly Funny Cat Jokes
Bingo is a funny cat with her own web page. The paws that refreshes. Show me a good mouser and I'll show you a cat with bad breath. [more]

Short Funny Jokes Doctors, Lawyers, Blondes, Rednecks, Kids, Love, Dating. Take your pick.
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My Job is All Funny Business. Funny job jokes and pictures. Yeh, I work with a bunch of monkeys. [more]

Football Jokes and Quotes Part 2 He had a God-given killer instinct. American football makes rugby look like a Tupperware party. [more]

funny insurance jokesInsurance Companies hear the best jokes. Funny drivers tell funny stories. The best payoff is a really good laugh. And there's no insurance against dumb. [more]

Funny Golf Jokes and Stories. There are more clowns than usual on the golf course. As a result of overwork, executives are dropping like flies on the nation's golf courses. [more]

Funny Newspaper Articles. I read it in the funny papers. Newspaper headlines make the best jokes, plus funny pictures. Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over [more]

Funny Accidents, Dumb Accidents for the Darwin Awards. Stories about exceptionally stupid people and the dumb things they do. Astoundingly funny. Enjoy yourself. Laugh out loud. More -->

Country Life is a Hoot. Funny country life jokes. Hoosiers, Buckeyes, Highlanders, Rednecks, whatever... you'll find yourself here. [more]

Funny Retirement Jokes We may be over the hill, but we're sure not Under It. You young geezers will like this, too. Age is important only if you're wine or cheese. He was such a poor driver, the police gave him a season ticket. [more]

How to change the oil in your car
After 24,000 miles it's about time. Funny story from Randy Redneck. The wrench hit Miss December and flawed her bustline. [more]

Microsoft Jokes
Microsoft, it's always about YOU. So why did we devote a whole page to Microsoft jokes? Because nobody told us not to. No hard feelings, Mr. Softy. [more]

Medicine is the best laughter.
Doctors tell the best jokes. There's no cure for dumb. I got the bill for my surgery. Now I know why those doctors were wearing masks.[more]

Why Diet? Just Laugh the Pounds Away
Calories, Carbs and Cravings are all out to get us. But why are you even worried about dieting? I think you're perfect just the way you are. [more]

The Good Old Days.
You'll enjoy them all over again. Looking back, it was the best of times, it was the worse of times. It was the wildest and craziest of times. And we survived it all. [more]

Happy Birthday Party and Joke Fest
It's the Surfer Sam Birthday Invitational and you're invited to the chat room for a wild and crazy time. [more]

Funny drinking jokes.. Bartender, a round for everyone cause I'm buying tonight. Make mine a double with a chaser of chuckles. Bottoms up. [more]

Good Halloween Jokes and Stories. Yet another creature of the night approaches. Have you come for a trick or a treat? There's something spooky out tonight. [more]

A Keg Party with Lots of Jokes on Tap. Beer, I'll drink to that! Cheers, mates! And remember to laugh responsibly. [more]

cute little jokesCute Little Jokes. Animal jokes, chicken jokes, light bulbs, people and puns [more]

kids say the darndest thingsKids Say the Darndest Things
Cute kids tell funny stories. Never ask your three-year-old brother to hold a tomato.[more]

Funny T-Shirt Jokes Humor Sayings Slogans Ideas and Quotes. Clothes can be funny. Be different, be fresh. It's here

Interesting Facts About Trivia. The college collection. Al Capone's business card said he was a used furniture dealer... [more]

The Booby Prize in tribute to folks with a humorous aptitude for idiocy, lunacy and inadequacy. Their funny under-achievements take the pressure off the rest of us. [more]

funny things to do when you are bored15 Funny Things To Do at the Store When You're Bored. It's stupid but funny. Stunts, pranks and hijinks while you're shoppping with friends at the store. You'll go down in history. Continue

Airplane jokes and flying stories. Great quotes from pilots and flight attendants. Fly the funny skies of Surfer Sam. [more]

How to change the oil in your car
After 24,000 miles it's about time. Funny story from Randy Redneck. The wrench hit Miss December and flawed her bustline. [more]

Party and Joke Fest
It's the Surfer Sam Invitational and you're invited to the chat room for a wild and crazy time. [more]

Why Men Are Different From Women. Funny reasons why men are different from women. Men are from Mars, life is good to them, and we gals love them. Funny and awesome. Here -->

funny things dads say Funny Things Dads Say. Fathers say the darndest things. If you don't use your head, you might as well have feet at both ends. [more]

money funny jokes and quotes Money !! Funny Jokes and Quotes About Money 75 jokes and quotes. I'm really good at managing money. So far I've saved $25 towards retirement. [more]

funny questionsFunny Questions for the Universe. Tanya leaves no joke unturned. So, what's the speed of dark? [more]

funny things my mother saidFunny Things My Mother Said. Funny things my mother taught me. Moms say the darndest things. Every day is Mother's Day. Mom is really funny. [more]

goldies funny short jokes, quotes, funny sayings, funny one-lines, funny slogansGoldie's Funny Short Jokes, Quotes, Funny Sayings, Funny One-Lines, and Funny Slogans, good enough to text a friend. Sock it to me. More

how to please a manHow to Please a Man. Relationship advice from a man. Find out what guys really want from a girl and how to understand your boyfriend. It's funny but oh so true. More -->

A fresh pot of coffee-jokes and the amazing coffee bean game. Recharge your battery. Take a coffee break with Surfer Sam.[more]

Clothes can be funny. This talking t-shirt will keep you in stitches. Suicidal twin kills sister by mistake. [more]

Trivia Treasures. The college collection. Al Capone's business card said he was a used furniture dealer... [more]

Funny Quotes and Famous Insults. It's a comedy roast with funny insults, great grudges and famous quotes. Heck, we can't all be perfect! [more]

Funny drinking jokes.. Bartender, a round for everyone cause I'm buying tonight. Make mine a double with a chaser of chuckles. Bottoms up. [more]

warm fuzzy thoughtsWarm Fuzzy Thoughts to make your day better, for your heart, your dreams, and the difference you make. You are special to me.Continue

sales jokes and advertising jokesSales Jokes and Advertising Jokes. It's all funny business when Sam is in the room. How to sell just about anything. [more]

Golf Jokes and Funny Golf Stories
Dave proves that golf is a really funny sport. [more]

Funny Books for Children. Here is a list of funny books for children that will never get published. We rescued them from the slush pile at the office of Simon and Shooters. [more]

Funny Fishing Jokes, Fish Stories and Jokes About Fish. Gone Fishing. Quotes and humor for fishermen. We're pulling in a few laughs while you wait for the big one to bite. More -->

Doggone funny dog jokes and pictures. Part 1 Sparky is a funny dog with his own web page.[more]

Blonde Jokes, Cop Jokes and Funny Jokes, plus Mrs. Hoogterp and a turkey at Kevin's Comedy Corner. More -->

A good person with a good life. Success is living the good life. The Napalese Good Luck Mantra, called Instructions For Life tells you how to be a good person. [more]

jokes for men love dating single marriedFunny Jokes for Men
Love, dating, single or married. Pickup lines, famous last words and trash talk, with funny pictures. Guys are born to be wild. [more]

Doggone funny dog jokes and pictures. Part 2 Sparky is a dog with a funny bone and a second web page.[more]

Funny Jokes from Teachers. Teachers know the best jokes and the kids have all the answers. Who's in charge here? Teachers have class! [more]

Shopping Hijinx Funny things to do at Wal-Mart while your partner is dilly-dallying around. They'll never forget you.[more]

Dumb Quotes and Stupid Quotes from people who should know better. But they said it out loud and we've got their dumb quotes for you. Continue

Funny Sayings About Life Life is funny stuff. Tarzan, cats, women, banks, mosquitoes and flying. Something funny is always happening. [more]

The List. A cute story of friends. One day a teacher asked her students to list the names... [more]

Funny Error Messages from a computer gone bonkers. Another triumph of technology. Here are new Windows messages being considered for the planned upgrades of Vista. [more]

Funny jokes and stories about marriage, brides, grooms, husbands and wives. Marriage is just a bed of roses. I love being married. Marriage is finding that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. [more]

Redneck Love and Redneck Romance Part 1. There's a little bit of redneck in all of us. Funny redneck jokes and pictures. [more]

How to Do Housework Tips. Clever Housework Tips for Lazy People. Wise Wanda and Helpful Harry with their housework tips make housework go better, quicker and easier. [more]

Funny jokes for women about love, relationships, dating, single life and marriage. Join us for girls' night out. It wouldn't be the same without you. Happy Hour, wet T-Shirt Contest, Line Dancing and Last Call. Girls just wanna have fun! [more]

funny baseball jokes and quotes Funny Baseball Jokes and Quotes. Funny Nathan swings for the fences. Our baseball team installed a new pitching machine the other day. Unfortunately it beat them 4-1. [more]

I hope life brings you much success. I wish you a very happy day.

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