A short poem in three lines
with seventeen syllables or less.
The subject of a haiku (pronounced "high-koo")
is often a moment in time
when Nature becomes part of the human experience.
The poem is written simply,
so that the reader can enter and share its moment.

a thorny hedgerow

conceals the summer sparrows

singing in full voice

ambassador fly

comes from prehistoric times

in golden amber

deep into winter

the seed potatoes sprout eyes

in the root cellar

ah, the outdoor cat

stops to watch the indoor cat

through a pane of glass

the one-legged man

in the hospital wheelchair

hears dancing music

the baby reaches

for the diamonds sparkling

in the winter snow

the red zinnia

top-heavy with flower blooms

uprooted itself

the river is gone

but the pattern of waves flows

in the dry bedrock

in a metal urn

they keep a handful of dust

brought from ground zero

let your soul wander

where the pine and sequoia

grow deep roots and thrive.

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