A short poem in three lines
with seventeen syllables or less.
The subject of a haiku (pronounced "high-koo")
is often a moment in time
when Nature becomes part of the human experience.
The poem is written simply,
so that the reader can enter and share its moment.

it cannot be done

the wise experts all agree

but someone will try

we coax the gray cat

to wear a bell and collar

but the cat declines

In a glass bottle

while all the others built ships

i built a lighthouse

forty-seven folds

in a piece of white paper

make a flying crane

on the snowy bench,

where i waited daydreaming

a warm cleaned-off place

when the well runs dry

we learn the worth of water

and get by with less

The property line

bushes planted out of spite

push the fence rails down.

a cold country night

and the first star to appear

is a satellite

as a thousand wings

divide the sky overhead

fellows wait for me

curious squirrel

what do you expect to find

in the old woodpile

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