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Question ~ How Can I Cure Gout?
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Answer: How can I cure gout?
Gout is a form of arthritis. It is caused when the immune system attacks the joint and damages it. Gout is brought about by crystals of uric acid that form within the joints. You can have high levels of uric acid in your blood without getting gout. But over time gout may develop. An acute gout attack happens when the blood is saturated with uric acid and crystals begin to form. Crystals usually occur first in the gap between the bones of the joints. The immune system creates inflammation at the site, which cause the extreme pain of an attack of gout. Joint tenderness, swelling, redness, along with fever and chills, are symptoms of gout.

To treat an attack of gout, NSAIDs are used, Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs like Indomethacin, Naproxen, and Sulindac, which are available under various brand names. Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen, Pixoxicam and Diclofenac also work well to reduce the inflammation of gout. Conchicine is often prescribed to treat gout.

The most important thing is to take an anti-inflammatory drug at the first indication of a gout attack, when it is most effective. Do not wait until advanced pain to begin treatment. Only take medicine prescribed by your doctor. Your doctor will advise you about dosage and side effects of these drugs.

To treat gout attacks, injections of corticosteroids are also effective. Some people try synthetic ACTH, the hormone secreted by the pituitary gland, as a gout treatment. Painkillers are also useful for gout relief, but they do not reduce the uric acid or stop inflammation. There are also two new class of drugs that lower the amount of uric acid in the blood. They are called xanthine oxidase Inhibitors and uricosuric drugs. Vitamin C also works to reduce lactic acid.

For women, estrogen controls the uric acid in the body and thus prevents gout. It is rare for a woman to suffer from gout before menopause.

The exact cause of gout is not known. For most people, the primary cause of gout is an inherited tendency to produce too much uric acid or not to excrete it. This genetic factor cause gaut to run in families. Nutrition, alcohol, obesity and a sendentary lifestyle often make gout worse. For gout sufferers, losing weight and exercising is very important. Doctors recommend a diet low in purines or else a diet to avoid Metabolic syndrome. The factors in diet that contribute to the build-up of lactic acid in the blood are beer, most alcoholic beverages, artificial fructose, soft drinks, food made with yeast, nitrates, seafoods, and organ meats.

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