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Travel Trivia Fun Challenge Questions and Answers from the Best Vacation Spots

travel trivia questions and answers
Travel Trivia questions and answers
My humungous collection of travel trivia, fun questions and answers and fascinating fun facts is waiting here for you to enjoy. Take the challenge to see how many answers you know. You'll find curious discoveries, believe-it-or-not surprises, and truth-is-stranger-than-fiction treasures. The fun facts are unique and compelling. See how many of these travel trivia questions you can answer. You're bound to learn more about the USA and the world while you play.

This is Travel Trivia Challenge Questions and Answers. Bet you fans of travel trivia will also get a kick out of Travel Trivia Fun Facts. and Travel Trivia Amazing Facts
  1. Question: What city has the most people per capita listed in Who's Who?
    Answer: Did you guess Princeton, New Jersey?

  2. Question: Where is the largest annual fair in the USA?
    Answer: The largest annual fair is the Texas State Fair in Dallas. And the second largest is the Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona.

  3. Question: What is chiefing?
    Answer: The American Indians call it chiefing. That's the Cherokee slang for putting on a fancy feather headdress and posing for tourist snapshots.

  4. Question: What is the most heavily fortified international border on Earth?
    Answer: It's the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.

  5. Question: What do the British Columbians mean by "green jellybean day"?
    Answer: When the loggers came home after a week on the job, they scattered bags of green jellybeans all over their green lawns. This kept the kids outdoors while the loggers said hello to their wives.

  6. Question: Where is the Tennis Hall of Fame?
    Answer: The Tennis Hall of Fame is in Newport, Rhode island on Bellevue Avenue.

  7. Question: What's unusual about the crabs in Fiji?
    Answer: The crabs in Fiji can climb trees.

  8. Question: What is the first thing immigrants see when they enter New York Harbor?
    Answer: What immigrants see first when they enter New York Harbor is not the Statue of Liberty, but the roller coasters of Coney Island.

  9. Question: What country has the most golf courses per capita?
    Answer: That would be Bermuda.

  10. Question: What is the most northerly capital city?
    Answer: The most northerly capital city of any country is Reykjavik, Iceland. Next most northerly is Helsinki, Finland.

  11. Question: What is the Book of Kells?
    Answer: The Book of Kells is an Irish illuminated manuscript of the Gospels 1200 years old from the Dark Age. You can see it on display at Trinity Old Library in Dublin Ireland.

  12. Question: What is the Taj Mahal?
    Answer: The Taj Mahal in Agra, India, was begun in 1632 by Shah Jahan of the Mughal Empire as a tribute to one of his wives. This romantic mausoleum draws 2 million visitors each year.

  13. Question: What is the southernmost city in the United States?
    Answer: That would be Honolulu on the southeast coast of Oahu and the capital city of Hawaii. Its famous naval base Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese at the start of World War II.

  14. Question: Where is Baghdad?
    Answer: The city of Baghdad, Iraq, is on the banks of the Tigris River in an area called the Cradle of Civilization. This fertile region was farmed and grazed over 8,000 years ago, and was home to the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia.

  15. Question: What is Machu Picchu?
    Answer: Machu Picchu is the Lost City of the Incan Empire. Built in the 15th century in Peru, it was deserted about 100 years later, and no one knows why. Machu Picchu is Peru's most popular tourist attraction.

  16. Question: Do you know which river runs through the Grand Canyon?
    Answer: The Grand Canyon is about a mile deep and is one of the world's most visited vacation spots. And it was carved by the Colorado River which runs through it.

  17. Question: Where is Timbuktu?
    Answer: Timbuktu is in northern Mali near the Sahara Desert. Its golden era was the 14th and 15th centuries when it was a center of learning.

  18. Question: Which is the world's largest vineyard?
    Answer: The world's largest vineyard is in Monterey County, California, the 8,100-acre San Bernabe Vineyard, owned by Delicato Vineyards, a family-owned winemaker. Many of California's leading wine brands buy their grapes from San Bernabe.

  19. Question: Where are the Spanish Steps?
    Answer: The Spanish Steps are the iconic vacation spot and gathering place for tourists. 138 marble steps lead to some of the best views of Rome.

  20. Question: What is the capital city located closest to the equator?
    Answer: Quito, Ecuador, is the capital city closest to the equator. It sits 9,200 feet high above sea level on an active volcano in the Andes Mountains. Quito enjoys a mild, warm climate all year long.

  21. Question: What is the world's smallest country?
    Answer: Vatican City, only 1/4 sq.mi. in area, is the world's smallest sovereign nation. It is the headquarters of the Catholic Church with the Pope as head of state. The ecclesiastical treasures that await you here are beyond compare.

  22. Question: What is the cleanest city in the USA?
    Answer: Forbes Magazine called Miami America's Cleanest City because of good air quality, clean drinking water, clean streets, and lots of green spaces.

  23. Question: Where was the world's first subway built?
    Answer: The world's first subway was London's Metropolitan Railway that opened in 1863 with steam powered trains. Subway systems in Budapest and Glasgow opened in 1896, beating Paris by four years.

  24. Question: Where is the driest place on the planet?
    Answer: Although covered with ice, Antarctica is the driest place on the planet, with an absolute humidity lower than the Gobi desert. As strange as it sounds, Antarctica is essentially a desert The average yearly rainfall is about 2 iinches.

  25. Question: Which state in the USA has the longest coastline?
    Answer: More than half of the coastline of the entire United States is in Alaska. Alaska has the longest coastline.

How well did you do on the Trivia Questions and Answers? I hope you enjoyed learning something about travel spots. I wish you a trip full of adventure and happy memories as you plan your vacation.

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